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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Two years.

I just realized a couple days ago, I've now lived in Charleston for two years.

I can't even believe how time has flown. I hadn't started Nursing school yet, I was one semester away from graduating from Sam Houston State, and I had no idea how to be a wife. NO CLUE. We moved here four days after we got married. Our lives were a bit chaotic.

We traveled 29 hours from Texas to South Carolina.

With not one but TWO cats in the U-haul van. It was just as amazing as you thought it was. Lou kitty was on the other side, right smack in the middle of the bench seat. This was one of the only times they both decided to sleep. 

This is all I could think of on the ride here. Being on the beach and spending a great summer in the sun. 

This is Isle of Palms. My all time favorite beach in the Charleston area. I had never seen so much green in the summer in my life. By the time it was summer in Texas, everything was turning on the brownish side. I was definitely thankful for the change of scenery. 

Little did I know another place would fill up my heart much like Texas. Running/walking on this bridge is so much fun. Anyone that visits Charleston has to walk to bridge! 

The famous Ravenel bridge. 

While i'm still a Texas girl at heart, Charleston has a special place there too. I sometimes wonder where in the world we are going next. I know where every it is, it'll be an adventure! It has been a wonderful two years living here. 

Happy Saturday!! 

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