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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 29: Tortillas will not be consumed the rest of this pregnancy.

Did you ever feel like you look more pregnant on certain days than others?! Especially after eating I feel this is the case.

This week the baby flutters are now full blown kicks to the ribs and bladder. I didn't even know this was possible, but I was strolling through Marshall's the other day and I was kicked so hard I lost my breath. Again, to all the mothers that have been griping about this for years, where I was silently judging you: I'm sorry.

Hormonal Rage. Has reared it's ugly head. Now you are probably thinking I've always been a bit secretly ragey, for those that have known me for awhile. But being a nurse, this is what goes through my head every time a doctor tells me I need to consult the primary doctor on the case that never answers his phone. It's a struggle and I seriously want to break the phone.

I know I can't be the only nurse that feels this way, pregnant or not.

Preggo Thoughts
  • For the most part I'm miraculously still moving around ok, I really will say that walking a lot throughout this pregnancy has helped me the most.
  • I have about 50 pillows my bed, there is literally no room for Matt,  with two cats and a german shepherd, with me tossing and turning I can't imagine that he gets any rest anyways.

  • I have not bought big ticket items for Allie yet, like a car seat, a stroller. These things constantly creep in the back of my mind, and this week I have often had dreams that I give birth to her and have to walk home because I have been putting off buying a car seat. Stress dreams are real. Why am I such a spaz?
  • Sleeping has been the ultimate struggle. I am so freaking tired and yet, I wake up after peeing 42 times and can't go back to sleep. I also cannot for the life of me find a good position to sleep. Is this just preparing me for post-baby?!
  • Apparently I snore like a hack saw now. Cool. 
  • I was eating some corn tortillas with my meal the other day, and OMG. I felt so full after I never wanted eat anything again, everything just kept expanding. I literally am having to choose to eat little bites of things to be able to breathe, I THOUGHT THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN UNTIL LATER?! Oh I guess it is later. :/

Aversions: FISH. 

Cravings: sushi, raw oysters, basically all the things I can't have right now, i'm wanting. 


Questions for all mamas!
  • Putting together a birth plan. I'm actually super hesitant to do so. I guess I don't want my hopes to be dashed if they don't happen. Is this dumb? Should I just put one together anyway? Fellow Mamas, what did you put together?
  • About how soon should I start a hospital bag? Oh and please, please tell me what were the things you wanted in your bag or actually used while at the hospital?
  • When is an appropriate time to start freaking out? Because I realize that I only have about 10 weeks left. 10. There are loads of things that I thought I had all the time in the world to do and now I feel like I don't have any time. 
Until Next Week!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 27 and 28: A baby shower, crawfish and swollen ankles.

This past week has been the absolute best. I had a beyond beautiful baby shower for my sweet girl, Allie and ate to my heart's content all the bbq and crawfish a Texan girl could ask for.

But most of all, I was surrounded by some of the best people I know.

My wonderful and creative sister in law coordinated the baby shower, it really was wonderful in every way. I did not expect to have so many people over, but we did and it was fantastic. We had music, crawfish, bbq and a fabulous Mimosa bar (I took advantage of the juice and pretended in my mind there was champagne in there, only 77 days left, Yay and YiKES)!

Here are two other super special ladies that made this day amazing. Tirah, one of the best friends i've ever had was in charge of the mimosa bar, which was so cute and the beyond delicious cupcakes which are showcased below. Of course my mother in love, Jan, who graciously offered her house for to house a party for nearly 40 people. I'm so blessed for this occasion and will remember and cherish it for years to come! 

Mimosa Bar!! It needs no explanation... So freaking cute! 

Here is Dad-to-be Matt with a LIVE crawfish, pre-boil, these crawfish were super feisty. Then of course on the right is my dad and my brother, Evan, oh and special thanks to my brother to cooking all the crawfish. You were amazing bro. My baby shower was co-ed and I absolutely did this on purpose, so that my baby daddy could be there (lol) and the other important men in my life could attend. We accommodated with tons of beer in the backyard, I think that part was a success.

My God mom, Sandal and her sister Shelly! These two ladies are such a fantastic part of my life. I can't thank you both enough for being here.

I ate salty things all weekend without enough water, plus two plane rides = super swollen preggo ankles, I totally deserved these ankles. I was actually surprised how the left one was so much more swollen than the right side... I've concluded my child is actually hanging out on the left side, so it takes my body longer to reduce swelling on that side. No worries people, I checked for three days after for any DVT (blood clot) sighting. 

I received some pretty incredible things for Allie's shower, let's just say she is one lucky little girl to have so many people that love her so much already. My cup is truly overflowing. 

I will tell you this week was a crazy week at work and with this week starting my 7th month of pregnancy, I really started to feel the energy of the second trimester leave my body at a rapid pace. 

Third trimester thoughts: 

  • Sleep has changed dramatically. I do not sleep well anymore. It was really strange, I totally feel like i'm sleeping with a basketball attached to my stomach, that kicks me if I lay on her too much. It's crazy. 
  • I have noticed walking fast is hard and that my lung space is being invaded. 
  • HAVING TO PEE MULTIPLE TIMES IN A SPAN OF FIFTEEN MINUTES. I might have had a slight altercation with a flight attendant on Spirit airlines. I absolutely had to pee, my bladder was near explosion, apparently it's frowned upon to get up when the fastened seat belt is on to wait for the bathroom, well I wasn't taking no for an answer, I tried to get up 87549375 times, but someone always got up there before me. Alas, I was not waiting any longer, I got up and the flight attendant told me right away that I wasn't allowed to be up just yet, I informed her that she was have a huge mess to clean up and politely told her in so many words I would snap her like a twig if I didn't get in there (pregnancy hormones). 
  • I feel like I must eat super quick in order to get enough food, if I wait or linger, I will get full way too fast. 
  • If one more person questions how far along I am, I'm gonna lose it. Yes, I am seven months pregnant, I too am waiting for this child to pop and grow bigger in my belly, and for the last time, YES, I eat enough. Geez. 
  • This child moves so much, I seriously was worried about the fetal kick counts, i'm not worried anymore. I'm convinced Allie will be a soccer player, or ninja. Maybe both. The kicks are getting intense. 
  • The hormones are definitely rising. I have felt in the past two weeks that the moods are a little more shifty. Hmm. Wonder if how much worse this will get?
  • Uncomfortable feelings in the inner thighs, sometimes when I walk I noticed that my hips and inner thighs are just achy. I realized very quickly how much my hips are probably widening for Allie's birthday, but geez. 
  • Nurses or other health professionals working on a floor: How long before you went on maternity leave? There is no way i'm working right up until the week I give birth, these 12 hour shifts are killers, especially day shift. Let me know what you think!!
Cravings: BBQ, which was perfect, right up my alley! 

Aversions: Fish, except for the Crawfish. I'm weird bird. 

Until next week!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Shady people and like I need another reason to LOVE my dog.

Yes, you read that right. I am a cat lady at heart, truly. However, having our dog has been one of the best parts of my current days.

My Greta girl is so loving and is very attached to us already. She puts up with our cats and really has been a wonderful addition.

Another great reason to have her around is while Matt goes on trips. She's pretty big and has an extremely aggressive bark. Well weeks ago Matt was on a 3 week trip, my dog never, ever barks unless she's trying to alert me of something.

It was about 1am on a Saturday and she woke me up barking like crazy, I seriously was thinking the raccoons got in the backyard again and were taunting her, so flipped on the lights outside and saw nothing, Greta barked another 2 times, and I was so frustrated, because getting out of bed when you're pregnant is a task.

The last time she started barking, I got up and didn't flip on the lights. This is when I saw the flashlights in front of my house, the barking continued while I was standing right at our glass door. So naturally I called the police. Who ever was poking around in my front yard didn't last long, when they heard the fury of a German Shepherd's bark (she is super protective). LAPD didn't show up at my house right away (big surprise), but I knew I was safe because of our girl.

Not to worry, I am ok, and my car was NOT broken into.

After this instance, I really started thinking about our safety in the house with a little one on the way. I was scared, I was alone and realized I didn't have a plan, even though I live in a pretty safe area.

We do have a plan now:

  • I will tell my neighbors when my husband is gone for extended period of time, there is such thing as protection in numbers. 
  • We have a camera system set up, to see what goes on outside. 
  • We have favorite part. 
  • We will not be leaving windows open at night, including the dog door.
  • Still trying to figure out the California laws for concealed firearms. Yes, i'm still a Texan. 
  • Sleeping with my car keys to make sure I can press my panic button if I feel i'm in danger. 
  • Looking in the process of getting an alarm system! 

After this unfortunate event, I started a post in our neighborhood forum and figured out that staying connected with the rest of our neighborhood was our best bet. The very next day after my post, a house had got broken into through the dog door. So there were definitely predators in our neck of the woods. 

I connected with SimpliSafe for tips about safety! I was so fortunate to do so, because nobody really thinks about home invasions, but they still happen, and everyone should have a plan and be ready. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 26: This week i've hit an all time low.

Hello Week 26!

I'm actually a goldfish in human form. Pregnancy brain has a hit an all time high, leaving me feeling like an idiot.

Situation: I thought I placed my purse in a locker at work, complete with a combination lock.

  • I swore I put it in a locker, so I tried every single black combination lock on the lockers, and was really thinking I just didn't know how to work a combination lock at the end of a 12 hour hellish shift. 
  • So I grabbed someone to try my combination on all the locks. ***Cornelio, you are amazing, even though I know you think i'm a moron.***
  • Grabbed an environmental services helper at work to get a bolt cutter. 
  • Cut off a combination lock I thought was mine. 
In all actuality there was nothing in the locker, and I found my purse in a whole different location. 


What is wrong with me?! I swear some people have it all together, I clearly am not one of those people. If you can saunter your way through pregnancy without preggo brain, please let me know, we need to talk. 

Well I'm starting to notice my belly getting in the way of things, I notice Allie moving a whole lot more and can't wait to see what happens next. I think things have calmed down, I haven't noticed any contractions or any weird symptoms, so just praying it stays that way. 

So far these thoughts have passed through my head this week:

  • How is it that I only have 13 weeks left?
  • Will this pregnancy brain continue to get worse?
  • I feel like I could sleep forever, yet when I get to bed I toss from side to side, really just wanting to sleep on my back. 
  • A Harry Potter Weekend never sounded so good. 
  • I will be going to Harry Potter world at Universal studios opening weekend. Matt you better be ready. #April9
  • I only have 7 weeks left of my BSN program! Hurry up May 1st, I'm ready to be DONE! 
  • I hope I never have to work 3 days in a row again, pregnant. 
  • I'm really looking forward to my baby shower this coming weekend! Yes, to all my wonderful people, but to eat Texas BBQ and crawfish. #squeeee #imactuallynotmissingcrawfishseasonthisyear 
  • My ankles are back to swelling and have convinced my feet to swell too. #peerpressure
Cravings: Pickle chips (like actual potato chips, that are pickle flavored), mustard again, and barbecue. CHICKEN AND WAFFLES. not just any Chicken and waffles, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. My goodness, pregnant or not you need this place. 

Aversions: Salmon and anything that smells like fish.

Until next week!!