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Monday, August 30, 2021

Week 14: I probably should just wrap myself in a bubble for the rest of this pregnancy.

 Why would I expect this pregnancy wouldn't be as eventful as everything else in my life?

Turns out. 

I'm one of those accident prone people that stuff just happens to. 

Yes. I was bit by another dog. This time I was walking up to the bus stop waiting for Allie girl to get home and a white dog that I have seen a dozen times, lunged while on a leash and bit my thigh. 

Of course, Matt is in Colorado and I am a MESS. Eli was having a meltdown on the sidewalk about something else and I am wounded. I'm just glad it was me and not Eli. I probably would have lost my mind if Eli was bit. Lucky for me, I had an amazing neighbor and she took in my kiddos immediately without question while I went to urgent care. 

I was super lucky, I got to urgent care and they got me in without an appointment and I was in and out in 20 minutes. Was I a blubbering mess when I got there? Yes. Did that probably help expedite the process. Absolutely. 

Right after

Day 1

Result: 10 days of antibiotics and one day off of work. I'm fine. Leg is a bit sore, but otherwise i'm ok. No stitches for puncture wounds and dog was fully vaccinated this time. 

Why is it terrible things always happen when my husband is TDY? Remember the stolen purse incident? Where I had no money for a week? Or when my kids decide to get really sick with RSV and ear infections for days? 

Military life. And now i'm insane for adding a third baby to the mix. Just madness, people. Madness.

Any who. Let's change gears and talk about all the weird shit i'm eating these days. Probably the weirdest cravings yet. 

Obligatory Bump pic: 


Sunchips and cottage cheese. Matt thinks i'm a monster. No idea why this combination is amazing. 

Green olives stuffed with garlic. Black olives. Give me all the fats right now. 

Tuna. Who am I? I'm not a huge tuna person unless it's raw in a sushi roll. But somehow these tuna kits are where it's at. 

Pickled Okra. I am from the south, so i'll just blame this one on genetics. The only thing I won't eat that's pickled is pig feet and eggs. Ok, who actually eats pig feet anyway?

V8. I've been drinking it like crazy. Just pour all the salt into my body and watch me bloat. 


COLD cereal. I don't discriminate, i've found myself eating this right after I eat dinner. 


Meat. I can't do it. I can do chicken and shrimp. No beef by any means. I'm really hoping this changes. 

Movement: Still able to work 36 hours a week on my feet, and able to go on mile long walks and Peloton bike rides. My goal is for this baby to slip right on out. 

So I have a goal to have at least 75 rides this year on the bike (currently at 35 rides) and to continue walking for my run the year goal. Although I won't reach my goal, I'm still motivated to move more in this pregnancy than I did in the other two, because something tells me my appetite will only grow from here. 

I think I've had enough excitement for one week, one month and even for the rest of this year. 

Until next week! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Week 13: A Diary of hormones.

 Well. Turns out this pregnancy has already been hormonal. I really feel for everyone that I work with that has to ride this roller coaster with me. 

I started out this week crying for 2 hours after getting my air filter changed. It was just your typical Wednesday and I was just a mess. 

Could it be the fact that my oldest child just started Kinder? Yes. 

Could it be because I'm exhausted from my day job? Also, A resounding Yes. Also, if you're wondering if my face always looks like this at work, it does and so does my hair. 

Could it be because I was having a low blood sugar moment and have cut back my caffeine consumption by a landslide. Yes. I probably laughed for 10 minutes after finding this, so I figured it had a place on this page. 

I also ready for it to be Fall like any good basic white girl. I'm ready for the leaves to change, and to wear my cardigans again, is that so much to ask? If you don't like Fall then get the hell out. I guess i'm also a bit ragey these days as well. 

Obligatory Week 13 bump pic 

Does anyone feel like after their second child that they show MUCH SOONER? I mean I guess my uterus knows the deal by now. 

We had our first MFM doctor appointment, these are some of my favorite visits. We get to see such clear pictures of this little bebe. This truly made my week. It makes all the other issues out there seem so small in comparison. It's amazing how little babes can change your perspective. I'll tell you the distraction is so needed right now. 

As far as we know all the arms and legs are there, just waiting on our genetic results! Praying for a healthy baby. 

Food aversions: MEAT. I don't want any meats. The thought of chicken/beef makes me gag right now. 

Cravings: SUSHI. RICE. PICKLES! Every week we get fresh sushi delivered at work, of course I only eat the cooked versions, but my goodness if I don't spend $25 on lunch almost every time. Oh well. It's well worth the investment and small victories for a lunch well enjoyed! 

I have much more energy with this pregnancy. I still enjoy going on walks and riding the peloton! My bladder struggles with running. I've tried a few different times, and each time has gotten better, but going to work I get quite the workout in at least 3 days a week, so I'm ok with taking a few days to rest here and there. 

All the wives tales. 

I have no idea what i'm having but here are some baby stats. which are all over the place. 

  • Heart rate is 142. (Girl)
  • Craving all the salty things. (Boy)
  • Favor laying on my right side. (Girl)
  • I have gained more weight this pregnancy already than my last two. oh well i'm old. lol 
  • No heart burn. yet. all my babies have been so hairy, i'm sure this is coming. (boy)
  • Emotions: moody and unpredictable. (Girl)
  • Chinese calendar says Girl. 

We should know our gender next week with our DNA results. My fabulous friend, Catherine, is making my gender cake so she's the keeper of all the secrets right now!  

Until next week friends!! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Well that escalated quickly... Coming Februrary 2022

No, we aren't just pregnant with emotion. 

Here we are with you guessed it.. Coates Baby #3. Don't worry Matt was pretty dumbfounded too. I actually found out after we got back from our mini vacation to Ruidoso, Yes, Tirah and Troy you were here and yes, it was the day after I drank wine all day with Tirah. You know babies just sneak up on you! 

For everyone that might have their panties in a twist from the last sentence, Yes I abstain from all alcohol every pregnancy, every time. I was dealing with the potential loss of my 14 year old cat that just snuck away for 8 days to sleep in someone else's garage and was not paying attention to my menstrual cycle, or lack thereof. 

Week 10 was a bit of an emotional roller coaster with my mom passing. 

The kids are feeling some feelings too. 

Allie thinks the baby will be here in 20 minutes and Eli is still unsure he wants anyone else in this house. However, it's exciting to think we are already at 12 weeks. We have alot to work with these next 28 weeks. 

I think we are more than certain this will be our last biological Coates baby. Two kids are really, really hard. Well at least mine are. I don't know why I thought adding a third wouldn't apply to the struggle but here we are. Add my hormones and anxiety and we've got an interesting cocktail there. 

Do I think i'll be blogging through this pregnancy? Probably. Will it be like the last two documentations? Who knows. I mean at this point I've blogged for the last two kids, so it would be pretty shitty to not document this one. I also have been on an emotional roller coaster at which i'm not exactly sure what my feelings are. One minute, I was watching the gymnastics olympics with Allie and just burst into tears watching Simone Biles. No clue. Just tears. Next minute, i'm rage hungry wondering who ate all my hidden snacks. It was Matt. It's always Matt. 

Let's get into food aversions thus far: 

-Salmon. I literally can't. My brother made a fabulous salmon dinner and it was delicious, only I couldn't eat more than a few bites.

-Scrambled eggs. It smells like wet dog, and I can't. 

-I've also been getting sick every afternoon, not dry heaving but nauseous from either not eating or drinking enough water. 

-I'm a huge coffee drinker, but I can only stomach one cup a day. I used to work night shift where I easily drank a pot of coffee everyday, so needless to say it's been an adjustment. 


Pickles, anything sour/salty, Blueberry muffins, Garlic (same through all of them), Watermelon, oranges, olives. 

Really just give me all the carbs. 

Well y'all with any luck this will be the pregnancy that is quick because I won't be sweating my ass off in the summer with the biggest belly you've ever seen, but now because of New Mexico winters I can't pawn off not wearing pants. It's going to be interesting, but I'm all aboard ready for the ride. 

Here's to the next 28 weeks of rants!!