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Friday, May 9, 2014

First edition of Five Friday Finds

Welcome to the First edition of Five Friday Finds! Here are some finds that i've been into for the past couple of weeks. Plain and simple: things I love that you should too.

1. This. This is coconut water. Maybe I'm the last one on the coconut water bandwagon, BUT it's amazing. There is all kinds of goodness in this little bottle. It has as much potassium as a whole banana. That's good stuff if you are finding that you have really bad muscle cramps after a workout or run... OR a 12 hour shift (hello nurse!). Electrolytes are good, my friends. 

2. Being outside. Yes. It's a million degrees already, but I'm loving soaking up all this vitamin D (yes, I still think you should apply sunscreen). I'm finally back outside running. It took a bit, but to be honest it had been super rainy up until two weeks ago! I'm just in a better mood these days with this sunshine. I'll take it!

3. This song. I don't why but sometimes I just get on kicks where I'll listen to the same song everyday. It's called Walker by Fitz and the Tantrums. Have a listen, you'll be hooked too. I love running to this song!

4. Advocare stuffs! The first stuff is my favorite shake. This shake is only 220 calories and it really helps with hunger when I can't get to a wholesome meal fast enough. This will definitely tide you over. Sometimes for breakfast, I'll throw a banana and strawberries in a blender with this fabulous shake mix and it will tide me over until my mid morning snack. 

I am also loving Spark here. Sometimes, I'll drink a big glass of this before a workout and it helps keep me on track until the end. I've tried the grape, pink lemonade and watermelon. My favorite is actually grape. It's a great way to kick coffee, if you're into that... I'm not, but just a suggestion! 

5.  SCANDAL! I'm taking every advantage of school being out by watching this on Netflix and HULU! It's a fantastic show. Just watch it, you will thank me later. 

Well that's all I got for now, until next week! 


What are you loving right now?! 

Any new shows?

Any great products that I should try?!

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