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Thursday, May 8, 2014

So this 12 hour shift thing....

So I recently got a job. YES. I've been unemployed since August 2013, for school. I've never NOT had a job all through my undergrad, so this was definitely a change. I got a patient care tech job (just help out the nurses), this will also help me get some experience under my belt so I can transition into my RN life a little easier. 

So this 12 hour thing is really cutting into my fitness life. I missed boot camp last night and when I tried to reschedule this morning. I slept in. GREAT. 

My first 12 hour shift was yesterday and it was only during the day and I'm still exhausted. Needless to say, I'm really nervous about tonight, 7pm-7am. YIKES.  

Anywho. I guess its just another thing to get used. I know in a few weeks, I will have a system down.

I'm on my way to work out now. I need some kind of workout today since I skimped yesterday!


Anybody have any tips on working nights? 

Any health care care workers have tips on staying in shape with all the crazy hours?! 

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