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Monday, December 27, 2021

Week 31- Where did the last 9 weeks go?

Ok let's catch up a bit. 

Over the last 9 weeks, i've resigned from my job, turned 34 years old, celebrated Thanksgiving, passed my glucose test (thank goodness) and it absolutely looks like i've swallowed a watermelon according to my father (Thanks, Dad). 

It's been a bit of a whirlwind, but in a good way. 

I have no idea where Week 23 pic went, so on to week 24!

I have no idea how everyone listened to me ramble for 40+ weeks before. You guys are literally the best. 

The last 9 weeks have been good and emotional. It's no doubt I've been more emotional this pregnancy than all the rest. The holidays always stir up a lot of emotion anyway, and this is the first one since my mom passed. Whether or not you have a good relationship with your parents, it's still one that your subconscious will not ignore. Sometimes these surface, when you're making an old recipe, or remember a time that wasn't a dumpster fire. Whatever the case, it's always important to be gentle with yourself. Cognitive behavior therapy taught me a good way to cope with these memories and re-route them to a positive one and if you can't then acknowledge the bad memory and move forward, not suppressing. 

Thank goodness for therapy. So much of what we don't consciously think about often surfaces in our dreams. Pregnancy dreams are weird enough, believe me, but adding this has definitely added to my emotional vulnerability this year. Toxic people always tend to rear their ugly faces this time of the year. My advice for recovering from such an encounter will always be to take the higher road. Always try to see the good, even if the good is hard to see because it's covered in too much lipstick and unresolved toxic behavior. 

I turned 34 years old. Every year I have a birthday is seriously a blessing. Really anyone who has a birthday, really should be celebrated. After this last year, I think it was a big reminder of what is important. Honestly, I've loved every year i've gotten older. I'm able to become more of myself and literally not care about anything else, but enriching what I have. I think as i've aged becoming a better parent has become a priority. My children are always watching and I'm praying I always be the best I can be for them. 

I really have to stop a minute and talk about my husband, Matt. He's always so busy and always tries so hard to make time for his family which has not been easy the last part of this year. I really have been so grateful for him. 

I resigned from my job. In the last 9 weeks, my mental health has improved greatly. It's amazing what happens when you're able to distance yourself from bagging up bodies every shift (sorry, not sorry, for being blunt). I feel for my co-workers that tirelessly do this job every day. When you're in the thick of doing a job that is heavy every single day, you really lose sight of your own life. These days i'm more present for my kids. I'm able to finally listen to my body and pay attention to my anxiety. 

I'll be back in the ICU one day, hopefully a day that i'm able to give a little more. I really have so much to learn, but have created a great foundation with some amazing people that continuously poured so much knowledge into my practice, for that i'll always be grateful. 

On to all the baby stats. 

So far Baby Coates the 3rd is already FOUR pounds. His weight percentile dropped from 82% ti 62%. Thank goodness. I have to say I have been watching my diet and doing a little more more movement, other than chasing my children. I still have nightmares about delivering a 10 pound child, walking straight out of the womb. Literally these pregnancy dreams are the worst. 

Cravings: Naturally carbs. I passed my 1 hour glucose test the day after Thanksgiving. I was super proud of this. I also have been craving meats again. This has been good, because being in the third trimester I've always been anemic, except for this one. 

Aversions: NOTHING. It's really a first.

Baby Coates the 3rd is measuring slightly ahead. His cute little due date is 2/22/22, which is on a TWOSday (tuesday, pun intended). I mean how perfect is this date?! We all know this wont happen. My children don't give a crap about their due date and it's really just there to taunt me. 

This post has been long winded and if you've read this long, bless you.

As we go into the New Year, I hope that everyone is met with grace. Grace is something that is very hard for me to comprehend, I was always told that accomplishments and output is a measure of self-worth. It's taken me 34 years to know that it isn't. 

This really resonated with me and I hope that it does with you too. 

Until next time friends. 

Monday, October 25, 2021

Week 22: I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, and lit that bitch up myself.

 Week 22: This week has proven to be great and trying all at the same time. 

I've always said I'd let my body let me know when enough is enough. Well at Week 22, my body had enough. It's the most stressed out i've been in a while. 

The other day I was out of ratio for the day because only 4 RNs showed up to care for 14 patients. 


I've been living a double life for a while. One at work and one at home. Most people's lives coincide and you can live that way, mine can't, not healthily anyways.  

I love the ICU. I think that I've always been an ICU RN at heart. I don't want covid to change this but being preggo and trying to juggle has come to a head. It was a really hard decision, but I'm not leaving nursing altogether. Never, could I do this, but I'm going to take some time for my family which incidentally has taken the back burner since this new wave has started, and really hit New Mexico in August. 

Emotionally I am spent, the tragedy I see on a normal basis shouldn't be a reality. It's heartbreaking and it's breaking broken my spirit.  I know I speak for healthcare workers when I say this. All of us feel this way. I don't see this wave dissipating for awhile at least not until people decide that vaccines are the way to go. 

When I hear people bitch about wearing a mask, it makes me want to shake them. If anyone has seen the tragedy behind the closed doors of our ICU, they wouldn't never question wearing a mask. I'm going to reel myself in right now, because this could turn into a long tangent that I don't have the strength to fight right now. I'm just so tired of bagging up bodies right now. When it becomes an every day occurrence it's too much. 

My disposition has always been pretty bright and bubbly, but I really feel this year has dimmed it quite a bit. I'm the most cynical i've ever been and my compassion is just not there. 

This is healthcare right now.  

This is not me. I will not let this destroy anymore of my happiness. I love my coworkers and I believe in all the good we do everyday, but I must jump off this sinking ship for now. 

Changing gears. 

I ran my first 5K in a long time. Running is something I haven't been able to really do too much this pregnancy, because of needing to pee every 5 minutes. However, baby has finally moved positions and allowing a reprieve for my bladder. Well I still had to find a bush to pee in, but it was great. Doing this with some of my favorite people brought me so much joy. 

I will not lie, being around people in this live race gave me quite a bit of anxiety, but that's something that I'll work through. It won't be a pretty process, but as long as I try, I know it will get better. 

It has been months since I've had this much fun. Truly. 

THEN in the afternoon we had Tea at Los Poblanos. If you ever come to Albuquerque, NM, you have to go to Los Poblanos. This little place is a lavender farm/farm shop/restaurant/inn and it is literally the most whimsical place you could find yourself. 

I have to say truly the best part of my day are the people I shared it with. People that love you in some of your darkest times, and still want to hang out with you. Those are your people. 

Baby stats this week: 

Baby is moving and actually doing quite well. We had an ultrasound last week and everything looks perfect. Could I ask for anything better? No. So i'm counting my blessings this week and every week. 

Cravings: Celery. No clue why. I mean, I do love Celery quite a bit normally, but it's been satisfying this week. Anything with tomatoes. So weird. I'm all about tomato basil soup right now. 

Aversions: Beef. Can't do it. Doesn't sound good. The other meats are ok. 

I'm hoping taking time off will help me focus on what is important, my mental health and the wellness of my family. I hoping to spend time with friends and gain back a light in my life that i've allowed to become dim. There is always hope. 

I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch up myself. I saw this quote the other day and really took it to heart. I hope everyone finds the courage do this at some point in their life. I really do. 

Until next time! 

Week 18-Week 21: When every time you get a cold, you actually think you might die these days.

 Some how the last 5 weeks have gone by without a post. If this isn't any indication what 3rd child problems are I don't know what is. 

Here are my obligatory baby bump pics. 

Week 20 I thought I had coronavirus. Turns out I didn't. However, just because I work in healthcare doesn't mean I'm immune to all the nasty shit that comes through the door. 

Bedbugs. Scabies. Covid. MRSA. 

You name it. Stuff that you didn't even know that was out there. Truth be told i'm actually more afraid of Bedbugs than I am of Covid. 

I know i'm not alone in this. 

I haven't been sick in over a year. Really. And the one time I get sick, I can't take any cold medicine. None. So I basically sat for days with a head cold, praying it would let up while my husband traveled out of town, with two children that could careless about my condition. <rant over>

But really are the rants really ever over here?

In other news, I got my kids a bunk bed. 

This probably wasn't ideal, because only one kids sleeps in there, while the other one (who shall remain nameless), says she is actually scared of the top bunk and refuses to sleep in there. 

Our rationale was that we are moving in less than a year to a location with a house that probably won't accommodate 4 bedrooms, which we currently have. 

The bunk bed was a nightmare to put together. It came in 6 boxes from Overstock, but I will say the quality is quite amazing. I was really impressed. Also, my marriage is still intact. 

The good news is it's all together. How do I get both of my kids to stay in their bed overnight??! We've rocked the boat and finally had to take Eli out of the crib, which it's crazy to say he probably would have been content in there for a few more years, but at 3 years old, it was time. Now he gets out of bed at all hours of the night and we're paying for it. 

BUT we needed the crib for the baby and the kids needed to get used to sleeping in the same room. 

Any pointers would be amazing at this point. 

Please don't tell me i'm a baby and I need to get over it, because my heart literally can't take it right now. 

Preggo symptoms over the past few weeks! 

Cravings: CARBS are still the number one craving. Could be crackers or fruit, doesn't matter. I'm baking quite a bit these days so I'm one to eat my creations. ALSO, the Great British Baking Show has a new season, which i'm sure i'm late on, but that show always makes me motivated to try something new! Cottage cheese, V8, and sunchips are still consumed on the reg over here. 

Aversions: Still certain meats. If there is a dish with too much meat, I won't eat it. I've been cooking a lot of vegetarian options. 

Movement: I'm still working 3 days a week and still able to do quite a bit out and about. I'll ride this train until it has to slow down. I signed up for a Sugar skull 5k with some of my friends at the end of this month, at this point, I just want to finish. Sounds crazy since earlier this year I completed a half marathon in the coldest weather imaginable. 

Until next week my friends!!