Monday, July 16, 2018

Week 32/33: Hello Month 8 and to always expect the unexpected.

We are officially moving to our next assignment, Fall 2018. Kirkland AFB, Albuquerque, NM.

Albuquerque Balloon Festival! Source

We have been in Los Angeles, CA for the past 3.5 years. It's really crazy how time tends to fly. I really don't know much about New Mexico in general, because living in Texas, I always knew if you landed a little past West Texas there was pretty much nothing. 

Well this will be a bit of slow down for us for sure, something I know we've been waiting for. Less traffic, less expensive, and all around a time to focus on our growing family. 

So our timeline will be a bit full over the next few months: 
  1. Have a baby. 
  2. Uproot/ Move to Albuquerque. 
  3. Deal with having a fresh newborn, a two year old and learning a new city. 
Thank goodness this will all transpire before the holidays. 

Oh yes, on to talking about Week 32/33. 

So I will tell you Week 32, did not go as planned in my head. 

We were going house hunting this week and this happened: 

It doesn't look like much but we were hit by a suspected drunk/altered driver at 3am leaving LA, total hit and run. We were so pumped to be missing the traffic, there was literally no one on the road. 

We are 100% all ok. Literally scared us shitless, but other than that we are good. At 32 weeks preggo, I knew that we would not be continuing the journey, a million things ran through my head, What if I went into pre-term labor due to stress? How stressful would it be renting a car and then continuing?! NOPE. 

So we got home before all the traffic started and went back to sleep to try to start July 4th over again. 

Don't worry we all had our obligatory July 4th Old Navy shirts on. We were celebrating at Chicago Rib Joint, right by the house, so we didn't have to get in the car. 

With all the stress, I completely forgot to take a belly pic this week. :/

Thats ok I got Week 33 belly pic coming at you! This belly is really becoming more of a shelf. I can rest my hands on it, my drinks, my phone, and Allie cat can prop her head there. 

This week this little baby has dropped well into my pelvis. I'm officially uncomfortable, with the constant picking up of Allie, my hips are not cooperating. I don't know if it's due to the car accident or literally this baby dropping, but i'm feeling super preggo. 


Garlic, olive, pepperoni pizza at Blaze pizza. I literally told the girl behind the counter, "I want you to take a fist full of garlic and pile it on". She was super sweet not to judge me out loud. 

I've burped garlic for 2 days. No I didn't eat this in one sitting, I thought about it, but I can't eat very much in one sitting these days. 

Aversions: really nothing. I'm a bottomless pit these days. 

Preggo symptoms: 
  • Lots of burping. 
  • Lots of potty breaks. 
  • Slight swelling, not like I had with Allie though. I did prophylactically take of my wedding band today just in case, until I upped my water game. 
  • Slightly hormonal. 
Lots of changes coming our way, We like to plan our lives to a T, but this is one of those times we will be walking by faith, and praying all works out. 

Questions for all: 

How do you prepare your children for a big move? It will be insane enough that Allie will be adjusting to another baby in the house, but then relocating her. I'm sure many meltdowns will be had. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 31: Sleepless in Los Angeles

A sleepless week indeed, but he's so cute though. How cool is technology?! I mean really. We can literally see this boy scratching his eye in utero. I'm really amazed.

This week I literally got 3 hours of sleep. This is also an accurate depiction of my life when Matt travels and I have to chase a toddler all week.

Allie must have known the days she needed to go to daycare, because each night she woke up at like 2am and screamed from her crib. She really never does this, but she knows when Matt is out of town and mom is sleeping alone. So of course, homegirl gets in mom's bed because rocking her at that hour never works and I have to get some sleep.

Preggo happenings this week: 
  • Cramps. Leg cramps. It's pretty much the package you get in the third trimester. Neat. It's a fantastic way to wake up and NEVER GO BACK TO SLEEP. 
  • Boob cramps/soreness. I guess this one was bound to show up, hopefully I don't experience any leaks. Question: has anyone leaked heavily before their baby showed up?
  • Crazy baby movements. It feels like my baby is moving his butt from one side to the other and It looks like I have an alien inside. A very cute alien.
Week 31 BUMP picture:

Cravings: Carbs. So many carbs. Black olives have made an entrance back into my life. 

Aversions: Nothing. Lucky this week. 

Mom gadgets: 

Some things i'm thinking of buying. 

This. The Willow Breast Pump

  • It's wearable, you literally put it in any bra. 
  • No cords.
  • No need for a breast pump bra. (this is huge.)
  • Quiet. 
  • Can wear it literally anywhere and no one will know. 
  • $450. 
  • Have to use the bags that come with the pump. 
  • It's still $450. 
The price tag makes me feel like I shouldn't need this. 


I'm buying this and don't even care that it has a $200 price tag. I bought one for Allie when she was 8 months and my life got so much better. She slept like an angel and I slept like an adult sleeps, one that sleeps longer than 20 minutes. 


I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love our BOB stroller. I can fit a whole bunch of crap in it. Allie likes to hate it because she's Miss Independent these days, but we went hiking with it and it really held up. I cleaned it with Color safe bleach and hosed it down and got it really clean. BOBs hold up super well for the money you pay for them. 

I'm just wondering who loves the Double Bob? I'm worried it's too wide to get through doors and such. I always see a lot of people who love the City Select double stroller. So i'm really torn. 

Matt really wants the Thule Double stroller. Does anyone have this one? 

The countdown has begun. I literally cannot believe we are less than 9 weeks away. I cannot wait to see this sweet baby's face on our side of heaven. 

Until next time!