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Friday, May 16, 2014

The rain couldn't stop us

Remember, how I posted the Fitz and the Tantrums song on my Five Finds Friday?!

Well I totally just saw them in concert last night and it was AWESOME. I couldn't believe the energy they have.

Let me back up just a bit...

First, we headed to Proof for drinks. My company was beyond fabulous. These two lovely ladies are Olivia and Alise. I'm lame and just got a glass of red wine. I really need to expand my drinking capacities. Just a side note, has anyone had boiled peanuts?! I've only seen them at gas stations here and around the south. Anyways, they served them here.. and I ate about half the bag.

Proof is tucked away on King St. in Charleston. It's so cute. If you are looking for a cute, quiet place to have a drink and actually hear what your company is saying, this is the place.

We headed on over to the Music farm, where the concert was, it was rainy and nasty outside. I'm pretty sure I was standing in a puddle. 

We always had time to take a sweet pic. Don't pay attention to all the red wine in my braces. It's a hazard that i'm willing to accept. 

Thanks Charleston humidity for the wonderful hair. 

We made it! 

It was a sold out show... Thanks Alise for those tickets (she's the one with the fabulous purple hair, i'm so jealous)


They really put on a great concert. 

This guy. The one playing the flute. He also plays the sax. I couldn't believe the talent. My flutist heart was fluttering. It was amazing. Also, can we talk about the amazing place where got to be while the concert was happening?! The balcony. What a cool place. We got to see everything up close!

By the end of this concert, I was soaked. In my own sweat, but I didn't even care. I had a blast. 

Despite it being 11:30pm when the concert ended. We were ravenous. Those boiled peanuts only held me for so long... We found ourselves at The Rarebit, which is also super cute on King st. Are you seeing the correlations between all the places in Charleston? I hope so. This city is amazing. 

Breakfast at nearly midnight?! YES. I got this. Huevos Rancheros. It was so amazing. If you are ever at The Rarebit, get this. It does not disappoint. 

Love it. 

Fitz and the Tantrums were pretty awesome. They put on a great show. If you see they are coming to a place near you, GO. 

This night was epic and I loved hanging out with these girls despite this rainy day. I can't wait until our next shenanigans! Best part: the rain didn't stop us! 


Favorite concert?! 


Do you go for any after-show eats?

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