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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Running, Second Whole 30 and taking a ride on the Potty training struggle bus.


When I start a new month I always try to set some goals i'd like to achieve for the month, never mind it's already the seventh. This month my running goal is 44 miles. Last month I ran 22 miles, so i'd like to double my mileage each month.

We will see if this happens, but as of lately I've strived to become a social runner. I've actually started running with my husband every week. ***he pushes the stroller*** So I feel like a free bird.


If you've ever pushed a stroller full of children while on a 3 mile run, it really sucks. But hey getting that whole body workout in! 

I've also committed to a second Whole 30

For those of you who know what this is, are probably asking yourself, "why girl, why would you do this for the SECOND time"? Well I've committed to this because I wanted to do it with my husband and of course my bestie, Olivia is doing this with us as well.  

If you're unfamiliar what this, it's basically an elimination diet for 30 days. You cut out dairy, legumes, processed foods, alcohol, grains, and ADDED SUGARS. 

THIS IS PROBABLY THE Hardest DETOX I'VE EVER DONE, but it makes you feel so amazing afterward. Detoxing yourself from all the sugar we consume on a Standard American Diet can be extremely difficult.

Really for me, actually wanted to try to complete something hard. I also wanted to see what inflammatory foods made my body feel the worst. I also knew that I needed to make some major changes to my life and needed to break some serious eating habits. 

I found with my first whole 30, the culprit for major aches and stomach issues was dairy. So I cut a major portion out and surprisingly my knees don't ache as much giving me more stamina to run. I also cut out stevia, which I had religiously put in my coffee every single day. I drink my coffee most of the time with Nutpods (almond/coconut milk creamer) or black. I'm anxious to learn something new about myself with this Whole 30 (W30).

The W30 is not a lifestyle diet. This experiment is to create better habits and to see what your body needs to be fueled with. 

If you're thinking about taking the plunge, DO IT. My bestie, Olivia, pushed me to do mine and i'm thankful every day. We literally texted every single day, and swap how we felt, new recipes and how much the sugar withdrawals sucked. 

I'm going to post my experience every week, and give tips and tricks that helped me get through it. 

On a completely unrelated stressful note.... 

My almost three year old is mostly potty trained. However, were still running into a slight snag. 


She will pee on the potty all the live long day, but refuses to poop in the potty. In case you're wondering, my face looks just like this every single time she comes to me and says, "Mama, I pooopedddd, in my PANTIES!!". 

I NEED ALL THE SUGGESTIONS TO HELP ME. She wears panties the majority of the time, except at night when she wears a pull up (which she mostly wakes up dry). 

Is there some kind of magic pixie dust I can purchase, because most of the time i'm throwing all these brand new Vamperina undies away because it's that bad, and that saying something because a RN. 

Other questions for you: 

Has anyone out there completed a Whole 30?

Do you find that you are utilizing what you learned about your experience in your every day life?

Anyone else on the potty training struggle bus? Just me?