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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pitter patter

on the window is what I hear today. Which is fine by me. There is something that I love about rain, the sound, the smell, it's so calming. I cannot wait until the day I have a porch where I can sit out and just enjoy the rain. But for today I'll enjoy it from my bed just fine with the cats of course!

Days like today I will veg out on Netflix and a possible Harry Potter marathon. I also love curling up and reading books. There's a strong possiblity i'll be making a dent in my book today.  

Mr. Lou Kitty loves days like today. 

Third floor life. 

I used to feel guilty on days like today, lying in bed all day, BUT as i've gotten older I have learned to appreciate them because they are very rare. Here's to soaking up time to myself before school starts again!

To everyone on the East coast: don't forget your umbrellas! 


Do you enjoy rainy days?

What are some activities you do on rainy days?

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