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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 16: Yappy dogs, LAX and Nuns.

So I'm sitting in LAX waiting for our flight and this lady sitting directly behind has the YAPPIEST dog.

Let me paint the picture for you. 

We woke up at 4am to be at LAX at 5am to find out our flight doesn't leave until basically 9am (you just have to be early, Christmas time brings out all the crazies. ;) ) I saw this lady and her pomerian and chihuahua sitting pretty far from us, and thought to myself, " there is no way in hell these dogs are for emotional support", I was wrong. Then this lady thought it might be a good idea to move closer to us. Needless to say, this dog is bringing out all the wrong emotions right now for me. Here's to praying this lady isn't on our flight. 

Guess that margarita is gonna have to wait a few months.... but this would be me not preggo. 

Yappy dogs make me crazy enough without the pregnancy hormones. Here's to hoping I don't drop an F bomb, because there are Nuns sitting adjacent to me. NUNS.

How did I get so lucky?

On to week 16 preggo stuff.

So this week has been pretty good. I will tell you that the gas part hasn't gone away though. No matter what you do. I sat through the Star Wars movie, and felt horrible for the random man sitting next to me, I had the worst gas, but was super thankful how loud this movie was. The theater was packed to I played it up to the fact everyone was in there.. and if there were any toots it could have been from anyone. 

Who am I kidding? He knew.

Cravings: Salt and vinegar chips are at the top of the game this week. It will be a wonder if I don't gain a million pounds this pregnancy. Anything and everything orange. So many oranges. 

Aversions: EGGS. I don't know if its the texture or what, but my goodness I can't handle them this week, I think they smell like wet dogs. What is wrong with me?

Emotions: At LAX, I felt an abundance of emotions. I was angry, why there were so many people so early. I mean, what do you mean everyone get to the airport super early before a holiday? Blasphemous. Sleepy. Hungry. Right when we got into Houston, we go to Buccee's. It's pretty much just what you do after you've been away from Texas for months on end. I will tell you right now that everyone was so nice from the cashiers to random people in the store, for instance, I asked Matt a question at the checkout line and per usual he didn't "hear" me, well the super nice man behind me answered and was so nice. I WANTED TO CRY. I missed home so much. I am so proud to be from such a wonderful place. 

Sleep: I'm a professional sleeper again. Sleeping at 8pm is pretty much the norm and I have been getting home from work at 745p. Dreams are still insanely crazy. I had a dream that I all of things were floating out of my house and so were my cats. It was crazy.

Pregnancy thoughts:

  • I have missed Texas a lot. More than I think I have in years. I miss my support system and I miss how nice everyone is. I'm so glad there is a place that won't change no matter where I go and how long i'm gone. I'm more glad than anything that this place will exist for my children. There's nothing better than that. Nothing. 
  • This Christmas was absolutely one of the best Christmas' i've had in years. 
  • My mind started racing when I saw how parents kept their cool on planes when their kids decided to go psycho. Before I would just be annoyed and blame the parents for their kids' behavior being completely unsympathetic, now I'm wondering how they got their technique down and how the hell can I achieve that? Oh how things have changed. 
Thanks for listening to the rambles this week! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 15: Might just be the week from hell.

Yes, you read that right. I've been so sick this week.

Not just the oh i'm nauseous. Literally the worst sinus infection ever. I haven't had sinus issue since high school. Kids, don't ever get a cold/sinus infection while pregnant, it's not pretty.

So with that being said, this week's post might seem a little blah/random/unorthodox/hormonal. 

Sleep: I have been sleeping a lot. Probably more in the past week than I have in the past 28 years. I'm actually making up for all the lost sleep that happened in nursing school. I basically didn't sleep for 2 years. To all the Preggos: i've laughed at in the past about sleeping and basically becoming an appendage to your bed, I'm sorry. Gestating is hard. Thinking about becoming preggo? Get an amazing pillow(s). 

CRAVINGS: Anything citrus. Literally, I could have eaten a bag of oranges this week. As long as it tastes like orange or lime this week, i've eaten it. Potatoes, hash browns, anything potatoes this week. I think my body is telling me it needs lots of vitamin C to get rid of this junk in the body. 
* Nursing fact: Did you know potatoes are very high in Vit. C?, Eat potatoes if you're feeling a cold coming on! * Orange sherbet! 

Aversions: Eggs. I don't like eggs right now. Like eating scrambled eggs. I think it's just the texture. Cabbage. UGH. I don't even eat that much cabbage as it is, but a lot of but there's a lot of places in LA that add cabbage to dishes. Tomatoes. 

Emotions: I've actually been less sensitive this week. Not emotionally constipated, but you know a little less weepy. I don't want to say i've been rage-y, but people have pissed me off a little more this week. For example: not having patience for slow people or gifts that you've bought weeks ago on Amazon, that have just now let you know they are out of stock, 7 days before Christmas.

Preggo Thoughts: 
  • I didn't get find out the gender this week at my baby appointment. I was sad. I really just want to know, Countdown to January 14!
  • I'm really waiting for this nesting thing to kick in so I will feel like cleaning my house... until then we will live in cat hair. 
  • My road rage is at an all time high.
  • Here's to praying that we can get through LAX Christmas crowds without unleashing a hormonal rage. 
My face might stick like this.

Obligatory Week 15 Bump pic! I'm so excited it looks more and more like a bump every week.  

Dear Peapod: I can't wait for you to get bigger and I can't wait to feel you move. I thank God everyday that you grow!

Friday, December 11, 2015

That time I thought I had Scabies.. Week 14

It's amazing how paranoid you get about random things in life when you are carrying a human inside of you. Especially, when you're a nurse. No amount of protective wear you put on will ever be enough. Ever.

So in my job I am orienting with different departments and I was following around wound care,  (I will never, ever, ever, ever be a wound care nurse, but that another tangent for a different time), Anywho, I was tending to a case, which required changing a wound dressing, when I noticed a horrible rash that had clearly just erupted. Turns out it scabies and was diagnosed two days later.


That might not mean anything to the non-nursing person, but Scabies are extremely contagious and extremely uncomfortable. So after I had a minor MELTDOWN with my nurse educator and she talked me off the ledge of another potential meltdown when I thought another room had shingles. 


I realized I don't scabies and I'm a spaz.

So this week I've come to some conclusions. 
  • I have had heartburn all week and concerned my baby will come out looking like a chia pet (that will be Matt's fault of course). 
  • My husband told me I was glowing this week and I wanted to cry, he's precious sometimes. 
  • Gas is really bad this week, I accidentally tooted in a patient's room and blamed it on them, when someone came in, I've hit an all time low. 
  •  Not giving one damn. I feel like that this is a bit early, but lately my filter is gone. Yes, I promise I had a filter at one time. Maybe. 
  • Headaches are no joke. 

Oh. The. Joys. Of. Pregnancy. I never knew what that really meant until now. 

This kid better be cute. 

So I'm fairly certain that this week's bump picture is actually a big ball of gas, waiting to be expelled. On the off chance it isn't, i'd like to believe that i'm starting to get an actual bump! Excuse the morning face, but if I didn't take the pic super early, I wouldn't remember.

Cravings: Soup. Lots of soup. and Cereal. Maybe I just like eating with a spoon because it's a more efficient vehicle for food, I don't know, but i'm still on a super salty kick. I will be as bloated as a whale by the end of this pregnancy I just know it. Cheez-its, all the live long day. Eating a lot of guacamole this week, clearly I haven't been keeping up my fat intake.. yeah right. And of course I'm still on a spicy kick, I had a bite of a co-worker's tamale the other day and was in heaven. 

Aversions: Artichokes, Tomatoes (it's back), the smell of cabbage makes me crazily sick.  

Emotions: Irrational and overly truthful. Emotionally attached to Walking Dead and know it won't be on until February makes me sad. Sarcasm is at an all time high this week.

Until next week folks, Thanks again for listening to all my rambles and supporting all my craziness.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's been real first trimester... Week 13

But I am beyond happy to say goodbye. I didn't enjoy the sickness, or the awkward "don't tell anybody you're pregnant" stage.  I have pretty high hopes for the second trimester! I hope i'm not shooting myself in the foot after saying that.

This week I started working again at a super small hospital, I know, I am as surprised as you are. However, I wanted to keep busy and I felt like this was a very good decision for me.

I was very hesitant on telling my brand new job that I was pregnant. I told them the second day on the job, and instead of my job asking me, "uh, did you know you were pregnant in the interview"?

They congratulated me and told me how wonderful it was.

They completely ignored the fact that I wouldn't be able to lift patients.

They ignored that I would be taking a hefty amount of time to bond with my baby later on next year.

This solidified the fact that I was in the right place at the right time. I love when life shows you how truly wonderful it can be, all my prayers were heard after all. Thanks be to God.

On to the little peapod! This week he/she is as big as a jalapeƱo! Some days I don't know if I have a bump or I took Thanksgiving dinner a little more serious this year (most likely the latter). This was taken in the morning before it could be mistaken for a food baby. I will tell you I still fit in all my clothes, so I guess i'll milk that for a little while longer, but for the first time in my life I wouldn't mind having to get bigger size clothes for this little peapod.

I have been one tired preggo lady this week. I'm not used to waking up at 530a-545a, ok who am I kidding 6am, to get to work by 7am, and you'd think that living in LA and all the bitching i've been doing traffic this wouldn't be possible. Well my job is so awesome, it's only 15 minutes up the road. Nothing in LA is 15 minutes up the road in Monday morning traffic. Nothing.

Cravings: Lots and lots of spicy foods. I'm still loving salt and vinegar chips and pumpkin pie.. Maybe I didn't get my fill over the holiday.. I honestly don't know how. I also am craving Subway sandwiches really really bad. I haven't eaten any sandwich meat since before I was pregnant and love Subway. Maybe I should just go sit in Subway and smell the bread for awhile.

**So apparently preggos aren't supposed to eat deli meats/soft cheese due to possible listeria that can cause horrible sickness, so we have to avoid at all cost**

Aversions: Smoked turkey. I loved our turkey over Thanksgiving, but after that every time I smelled smoked turkey matt would heat up, I would cringe. I think it was just the smoky smell. Cabbage! ugh. Actually starting to yack when I think about tomatoes again... UGH.

Emotions: My emotions have been literally everywhere. We put up our christmas tree.. I cried. Put up the Cat's Christmas stockings.. I cried. We nearly adopted a dog... I cried. Reading all the comments of support from all my people.. CRIED.  Then I got angry because Matt didn't fluff the tree enough before ornaments... ANGER. Upset there was no pumpkin pie left.. actually that emotion was pretty normal.. but you get the point. Pray for my husband and the emotional whiplash he endures EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Preggo thoughts:

  • I heard my baby's heartbeat this week. Is there any sweeter of a sound? I could have listened to it all day. I was sad we didn't do another ultrasound, but they let me know that I would get another on January 14, which should be the one where we get to find the gender! COUNTDOWN TIME!
  • Between all the emotions, I have been feeling really good this week. I really hope this lasts for the rest of the pregnancy! 
  • I think I have a bionic nose. 
  • I want to know the gender of my baby sooooo much. I really don't understand how people don't want to know. I think I would go insane.
  • We did put up our Christmas tree and didn't get a divorce in the process. 

  • I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I CANNOT wait until Christmas next year! I just get butterflies thinking about it! 

Thanks for listening to my preggo rambles! <3 p="">