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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Week 17: Baby Coates the Second is a.....

BOY oh BOY oh BOY!

We did a blood test to find out the gender of this one. We confirmed with the OB this last appointment and we could not be more excited.

Seriously, I'm still kind of in shock. I bonded with the fact I was having another girl. I was wrong.

So wrong.

It completely makes sense why I feel different this pregnancy, because i'm not carrying the same gender! Don't worry we have no idea what were naming this baby, because we had all the girl names already picked out. #alreadystruggling

As soon as I found out what we were having I panicked and bought a lot of clothes. Thanks Old Navy and your 40% off.

I've heard people say, "Oh if your daughter wants nothing to do with you, it's probably a boy". Well my child is nearly two, she wants nothing to do with me anyways. It's all about the DADA these days.

Accurate depiction:

She's already rebelling. I can't imagine what year 15 will be like.

I still continue to tell Allie everyday that she's having a sibling and she says "Bebe and No" shakes her head and walks away.

Yet another rejection for Mama.

Well I guess we can cross that bridge when we get there, something for Future Ashley to deal with.

This week I actually think I felt the baby move! It totally could have been gas but I don't think so. I've been drinking ice water like it's my job, so I know that baby is moving around in there and gets most likely annoyed by the cold.

This week I've had a couple days off in a row, which has been really nice. Who knew the human body is supposed to feel rested sometimes. This pregnancy i've been really tired. Maybe it's because i'm chasing around a crazy nearly two year old, or maybe it's because adult life is hard and exhausting.

WEEK 17 Picture!! I really feel preggo this week, so maybe I will have a real bump by week 20. 

See how I cover up my child's handprints on the mirror with Week 17. I'm still too lazy to clean it.  #notsorry

Aversions: Eggs. I tried only eating egg whites and I still can't do it.

Cravings: Sourdough toast with avocado and cholula, Salt.
This one is new: Green olives stuffed with garlic. I've eaten a jar this week. :/

This also happened. I haven't been to McDonald's in years. I pretty much stopped eating there after my early twenties. But Man, those fries were on point. I ate all of them. I also had a salad because balance is extremely important. Even if my woes of this shift were consumed in an excess of 1500 calories.

Welcome to healthcare, we are absolutely the most unhealthy people alive.

Bring on the swelling. I just pray my cholesterol isn't through the roof after this pregnancy. I'm always hungry.

Baby Boy Coates,

We love you so much. Please be good to your mama's uterus this next 5.5 months. Yikes. August will be here before we know it. I have two of the most special people that are ready to meet you, even if one of them is still in denial. *** she's on the left***



Could you feel that you were having a different gender with each pregnancy?

Was there something you couldn't stand in one pregnancy and then craved in the other? Food wise? Eggs has been rough both pregnancies. However, I can do tomatoes this pregnancy, and last one not so much.

What weird cravings did you have?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Week 15/16: A blur of two weeks.

Week 15 was a blur.

But I did manage to get this picture.

Week 16 Picture: 

Still kind of beer belly worthy or an after buffet belly. But there is a baby in there!! 

I love succulents. They are tough, live in hard and dry conditions and require little water but really sustain themselves.

They are life's little reminder that something beautiful waits until it's ready.

Have you ever noticed that succulents actually are capable of blooming flowers, when they are properly nourished and find roots? It takes time to do this. A lot of time. I planted these succulents a year ago. I've just noted their bloom this week.

I hope I can grow the patience of succulents. When I started this, I didn't really know where it was going, or why I was writing nothing about succulents, but as I realized this, I can really compare tough situations in life to this.

Nursing as by far been one of the most challenging things i've ever done. It's seriously tested me, pushed me to the limit and made me question if this is for me. Yet when I feel like I'm ready to quit, somehow I find the sustenance to keep going. I know that in Nursing, protecting yourself is key. You'll run into situations that are hard, you try to keep your emotions out of it and do the work because that's whats asked of you.

You really have to remind yourself that you're still human. You still have feelings, and those feelings matter.


I guess after nearly being a nurse for 3 years, i'm waiting to bloom or really find my way and find my niche. I don't know when that's going to happen, but I hope that through all the hard and dry conditions that I will sustain myself and get to the blooming part. Until then I will try to remain as resilent as the succulents.

Food for thought.

You could say my pregnancy emotions have got the best of me this week!

Aversions: Nothing. I want all the food.

Cravings: RAMEN! Guacamole with carrots. Chilaquiles. Seriously I had chilaquiles twice last week. #notafitpregnancy

These past two weeks have been emotional, not as in crying, just really bitchy. Here's to hoping my attitude really perks up the next few weeks!


Veteran Mamas: did you notice you had different feelings with different pregnancies? It's so weird. With Allie I was sappy and emotionally intense with tears and with this one I'm just bitchy.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Week 14: Disney and the Getty all in one week!

Week 14 is here and has been the first week that I have really felt like myself.

I went some places this week! When Matt got back from Japan, he took me to the Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland, located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The seafood bouillabaisse was amazing, unfortunately it's not what I ordered, It was Matt's. He's a peach for letting me have some. I got the steak, I like steak, but I don't like steak cooked until its a piece of shoe leather. #lessonslearned 

Also winning because I didn't have to wait in line for a mint julep. Unlimited refills made my day. Everyone needs to do a date a Blue Bayou restaurant. It really is the coolest!

I also made a stop in downtown Disney for the Disney Home store. It's just got everything you could imagine in there. I bought a couple of trinkets, but didn't get to buy nearly everything that I wanted. Maybe one day. 

This week I also went to the Getty with my fairy Godmother, Sandal. I've promised her 3 different times that I would take her and they all haven't worked out UNTIL this time.

So we figured before California had another mudslide and slew of wildfires and the Getty becomes one with mother earth, we would go!

We decided to take in the views outside for a bit as well. Just amazing. The museum really was as amazing as everyone says it is. It truly is a must see. I was in awe of how well preserved items in the museum were kept.

One thing i've always loved about art is, it means something different to everyone. I love how artists create paintings/sculptures that reflected their own lives.

From the Getty, you can see the entire Downtown LA skyline. Gorgeous. It's still hard to believe that sometimes I live so close to all these things! #perksofmilitarylife

Oh yes, on to baby things. 

So this week I also went to the perinatologist for the first time. Nothing like waiting till the last second. Not my fault though, yes, there is a huge rant there. But i'll save my energy for this sweet baby. 

When I saw this beyond healthy little baby just baking away, all my anxiety just melted away. Babies do that to you. 
They make you realize what's important and what's not. 

This week i've wanted to eat everything in sight. I also notice my cravings are a bit different. 

Cravings: Ramen, SALT, Guacamole, SALT, Spicy Thai food,  seriously though it's difficult to say no to all this salt lately. I feel extra guilty at work when I tell a patient, "No, you can't have more than 1 gram of salt per day" and then I go to the break room and eat THREE PIECES OF PIZZA, equalling 3 days worth  of salt for them.  

Oh well. I have been making more of an attempt to cook at home this week and I think that's why I feel better. Minus all the pizza i've consumed. 

Aversions: Eggs. I don't know what it is but I still can't do it.  

This week was super full! I've know started a full bucket list of things to do and eat before we leave here. Yes, were still committed for another year, but it goes by fast. Babies tend to make time fly. 

California people: Where are all the places I need to go???