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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Well Hello Preggo Status

Well ready or not little corner of the internet...

This has been a little kept secret for long enough.

The cat is coming out of the bag for the SECOND time.

That's right. Preggo Status is making a big come back. Welcome back to 9 months of hearing pregnant rants.

Leading up to thinking I was pregnant. I had some of the weirdest dreams. I had a dream I was in a car with a co-worker and we were on our way to Colorado but we were driving on train tracks. It was the weirdest thing. She told me I'd have to deliver my baby on the road. The next day I woke up so nauseous I couldn't think straight. My lovely first born is in a sleep regression and thought I didn't get enough sleep.

Well I didn't get any sleep, but now I definitely know what contributed.

Hello August 28, 2018! Our little sweet pea will be here before I know it.

Let's go ahead and start with week 4:

Thoughts for Week 4: On a Tuesday before Christmas, peed on three sticks, all got the POSITIVE. Holy shit, i'm about to do this again: was my first thought.

The second thought was definitely more motherly and sentimental. I really get to do this again. How lucky am I? I hugged my baby and told her the best news first. I seriously cannot wait for this new baby to know how much he/she is loved.

I cried all day long, with happy tears of course.

I also went to Disney this week, I ate a TON this day. Like way more than usual. Like a lobster roll, chimichanga, corn on the cob, and I started that day with a corndog and chips. MY GOODNESS, I don't know how my co-workers weren't like, are you preggo? They were all nurses.

Week 5: 

Yes, everything is great. I've done this before, I know exactly what to expect. I don't feel any nausea. I was still elated, that this was happening so quick. We had planned to start trying in December 2017, after my brother's wedding. I had no idea that it would happen this soon. Last time, it took 10 months to conceive.

Week 6: 

Holy God, I want to die. I don't know if it was because I was changing a nasty wound that morning at work, or the fact I could smell poop from the other side of the hall, but my goodness this wave of nausea hit like a ton of bricks.

I all of a sudden, had no appetite and wanted to crawl in a corner and wait patiently for the rest of my shift to be over, it was 9 am. My shifts are 12 hours long. Never mind that our hospital floor has been swamped with Influenza type A.

So lucky.

Well the good part, is my body is used to being a nurse. The bad part happens to be the smell factor this week. Every shift I worked I could smell everything. Eggs smelled horrific, especially in a patient's room. I remember from my first pregnancy I literally couldn't be around wounds. It was the worst.

So far food doesn't look good, until I'm eating it. I have a feeling Tomatoes and I will break up for a bit.

Cravings: Oatmeal. I have never in my life wanted oatmeal. I think the texture is weird. But this week, I eat it like it was my job. Pregnancy is weird sometimes.

EMOTIONS: They are pretty much a roller coaster, which makes it real interesting for my co-workers that have no idea whats going on.

I am so tired this week, I don't want to do a thing. I know I need to keep working out, but Sleep has been calling me all week.

Well y'all. Thanks for listening to me, as always, any ideas to make things better let me know. I'm always up for suggestions.

Questions for thought:

* Did you find that through multiple pregnancies, were they the same or very different?
* Do you feel that it was easier the second time around?
* What things did you change with the second pregnancy?

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  1. This is so exciting ☺☺ can't wait to follow your second journey. Congrats!


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