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Friday, February 16, 2018

Blog overload: Weeks 7-9!

Hello Week 7! Baby is size of a Raspberry!

So basically, my body hurts and I feel like i'm dying. It's a little to early for this, right?! I might be pushing myself too hard at work, but it's so hard to find a balance because i'm a RN, and can't tell too many people that i'm preggo, so I ask for as much help as I can without letting on too much. 

I am starving. All. The. Time. BUT once I eat, I am so nauseous. This makes no sense. The only thing that seems to help the nausea right now is Preggie Pops, I have no idea whats in them, but they seem to help. Sour things also help right now. 

Let me tell you, Allie does not care in the least how awful I feel right now. 

Toddlers know exactly how to push all the buttons all at once. For instance, I'm dry heaving and she's concerned with our Dog bowl. 

AVERSIONS: I all of a sudden can't handle meat this week. Even when I feed the dog, Its all I can do is hold my breath until I can get away from all the smells. 

Cravings: Any and all sweet and salty snacks. I also can't drink enough water right now. I drink a lot of water to begin with, but it totally makes me feel like I'm not doing a good enough job. 


I've been waiting for the turn of this week. Week 7 had me so sick. I have figured out that I MUST eat  literally when raising out of bed in the morning to not feel so sick. This was different from last time. I have a feeling i'll be saying this a lot. 

Cravings: AVOCADO TOAST. I kinda feel like this after I eat avocado toast too. A little expensive, but I am reaping the benefits of California Avocados. 

Aversions: Eggs. 

Also a non-food aversion has been Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love Disney, I love Mickey, but If i hear the Hot dog song one more time, I might walk into traffic. #preggohormonesinfullswing

WEEK 9!!

Well that surprised look on my face was the fact that this was taken at 6:15am before work so I wouldn't forget. There's a surprising amount of mom guilt that I feel overtime I think about not taking the time for a picture. 

I can just picture my future obstinate child, saying, "oh you documented everything for Allie, but what about me?!!". So I take the picture and move on, no matter how bloated or crazy I look. 

I felt really bloated this week. I know the surge of hormones has been crazy, so I expected as much, but goodness. 

This week I felt better. I had been able to eat a full meal without feeling super nauseous. Something else that started suffering this week is SLEEP. 

I have been getting up several times a night to pee, plus i've had to take UNISOM every night this week to sleep. Fellow PREGGOS, Unisom is completely safe to use, it's really just 50 mg of Benadryl. No, I didn't partner up with Unisom, but I'll tell you i've always been a huge advocate of benadryl, especially in my night shifter days (eh) nights. 

I'm sure i'll get so exhausted having a toddler that never stops that this will indeed go away. 

Here is my toddler at 20 months that thinks she is too cool for school with this hat on. 

Cravings: CARBS. That spells happiness, my friends. Spicy Thai Eggplant, my spicy kick is back with a vengeance! 

Aversions: Eggs, Meat of any kind. 

That wraps up these three weeks! 

Questions for you!

What food did you crave throughout your pregnancies? Dad's what about you? don't worry we haven't forgot about you, after all you got us into this mess.... lol. 

Veteran moms: What did additional things did you buy for baby #2, that you wished you would have had for baby #1?

Here is a question for everyone, Do you feel like a baby shower for every child is appropriate? My hubs says yes. I don't feel the same. 

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