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Monday, February 19, 2018

Eating my way through pregnancy and The Disney rejects: week 10 and 11.

Finally a family picture where my child doesn't look like she wants to cut someone. We've really been into hiking lately. I finally feel like I have energy again. We are almost caught up with all the blogggggs.

Here is week 10 and 11!

Week 10:

Woah what a difference a week makes in the life of a preggo. I feel like I have so much more energy this week, and boy i'm going to need it. 

So it's no surprise that I have a love/hate relationship with my insurance, Tricare. #militaryspousesunite on this topic. So long story short, I had not seen my doctor until last week. That's correct at week 9. Apparently my referral didn't go through and blah blah blah. Apparently I had to jump through a million hoops to get because they didn't believe I was pregnant, my doctor claims she needed a urine test to confirm my pregnancy before I could get a referral for an OB, So i get to my appointment, NO URINE TEST needed. I waited 4 weeks for this appointment.

I know the healthcare system is broken. 

This gif was a slight understatement of my emotions. Not only did I feel like a negligent mother, but I always have an intense amount of anxiety before the first OB appointment, like every other mom. But this did confirm I'm not having twins, (sorry Aunt Jordy). 

I guess this fabulous uterus could only contain the excitement of one baby this go round! 

This week proved a number of things for me: 

1. I always need help walking the dog. For all the days of my life, I don't think i'll ever get tired of this sight. 

2.  Dating your spouse is needed. When that baby comes your relationship takes a toll. It just happens. Let Super Mario Brothers 3 happen sometimes, this was probably the best time I'd had in a good long while on a Saturday night.  #healwaysletsmebemario

3. I don't know what happens to your brain during pregnancy but the good, bad and sometimes ugly happen. Ugly crying that is, over this beautiful California sunset. #allthehormones

Cravings: lemon drops, popsicles and hash browns with cholula. 

Aversions: Eggs, I'm really just thinking it's the smell of eggs. 

Week 11: 

Oh week 11, my appetite was out of control this week, I literally could not get enough to eat this week. On this Friday, I knew I was going to Disney. I literally could not wait. I love riding stuff at Disney, but I also love eating everything. 

The Coates Standard of Disney Eats includes: Dole whip, Turkey leg, corn on the cob and a chimichanga. I also wanted a pretzel. So naturally I ate pretty much everything with the help of my family of course, but oh i'll be packing on the weight with this one. 

I know i'm not the only one who does this at Disney! So I also knew I wanted to incorporate a Disney themed baby announcement, because this will most likely be our only Southern California adventure. 

These were the ones that didn't make it: 

Baby refusing to look at the camera because it's the morning. 

Decided to not use this one because she looks like she doesn't want anyone sitting next to her/ also might bite someone. 

This was no good because A. my eyes were closed and  B. Allie looks like she still hates everything and refuses to look at the camera.

 Both of the above weren't used because Allie was so upset we were on the teacups. MY QUESTION IS: WHO THE HELL IS UNHAPPY ABOUT THE TEACUPS?!!!?! Who is this child? If it was cute we were going to say: Reservation for FOUR to the the teacup party! Either way I loved how our announcement came out. It really was the best.

Cravings: salt. salt and more salt.

Accurate depiction of me in 6 months:

Aversions: Not much right now. I ate an egg over the weekend and survived. 

Questions about you:

What did you crave when you were preggo?!!

With your second pregnancy, When did you start wearing preggo clothes?

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