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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 13: Gold dresses and fancy bow ties!

Week 13 has proven to be an interesting week.

I'm using this as my bump picture for week 13. This dress was from Rent the Runway and was the best decision i've made. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a place where you rent a fancy dress for cheap, they send you TWO SIZES AND they send you a back up dress, just incase you didn't like the dress you initially liked. IN LOVE.

I have to brag on my husband for a minute. I don't talk about his job very much, but he's in the Air Force. When we got to this base at Los Angeles, we were super enthusiastic and so excited to live in California and experience the west coast. That feeling drastically disappeared, our commutes to work were horrendous, we didn't have the support we did in Charleston and we were sure we made a horrible mistake moving here.  Matt was starting a new position and doing something completely different than before, and I was drowning at a hospital that was not the right place for me as a new grad.

Fast forward to 3 years later: Matt was recognized for Company Grade Officer of the year for his directorate, so he was able to compete as a nominee in the LA AFB level, although he didn't get the award at the base level. I'm so proud of him. I cannot tell you how many late hours he's spent at work,  hours spent in traffic, trying to figure out if this is all worth it and how hard of a transition this has been on us both, especially with a baby. Now I work at place I love and have made it home.

God sure works in mysterious ways, things seemed to really work out in the end.

If you ever ask yourself if your struggle is worth it, I promise it is.

I have to tell you this week was filled to the brim of all kinds of unexpected things. My godmother came in to town because Matt had to go to Japan for work this week. Work trips for him are always such a pain for me, but I know they are so necessary for him to progress in his job. So that leaves me at home with Allie for a week. 

WELL when you're a military spouse like me and work 12 hour shifts, when day care only accommodates for 8 hours of the day, you need a little help. 

So my fairy godmother, Sandal came to help out. She's so wonderful and she always comes in and saves the day. 

So my appointment this week was stressful to the max. My doctor nonchalantly walks in and asks how my perinatologist appointment went, and I told her, "um I haven't been, I've been waiting for you guys to put in the referral", to her reply was " oh God, I thought we've done this".


So my OB proceeded to find the heart beat of the baby and do her assessment, and is taking forever to find my baby's heartbeat!

She finally finds the heartbeat and i'm ready to come out of my skin. Everything is good. My anxiety is going through the roof.

At the end of the visit:

OB:  "oh you need to see your perinatologist today".

Me: UH no ma'am, I can't.

OB: you're nearly 14 weeks, you need/have to do it before your second trimester.

Me (in a slight hormonal rage) : Ma'am, it's not my fault your office staff is incapable of doing putting this in referral in a timely manner. If I could have put in my own referral I would have.

I left feeling like I have made a huge mistake by coming back to this OB!!! Anybody have suggestions for someone new that delivers at Torrance memorial?

I ended up getting an appointment for Monday, when I'll be 13 weeks and 6 days.
Lesson learned. I from now on will be that patient that hounds people to do their jobs in order for things to be done on time. Hormonal rant slightly over.

We went to the awards ceremony, we were walking around, chatting with people and I immediately started having cramping in my stomach and felt horrible. During someone's speech I felt like my stomach was eating itself, So I started eating my salad probably before I should have but hey I have an excuse (if you didn't know Air Force ceremonies are a little drawn out)! Then they held our food hostage for another hour. I felt the gas and bloating happening, oh god I'm going to look like a pig stuffed into this dress.  Thank goodness I decided to put on the dress that was a size up.

After the ceremony, my cramping didn't stop and I was freaking out. Needless to say, I was a little stressed out from the events of the week. It didn't help that my load at work had been super hard lately. All the stress puts a toll on your body, so I took my own advice and knew it was time to slow down for me.

I absolutely slept most of the day the next day and all my symptoms resolved. That was a relief when I woke up the next morning.

Cravings: CARBS and black olives.

Aversions: Chicken. I ate maybe two bites at the awards ceremony and couldn't even look at my plate anymore. So weird because i've been eating it all along.

Week 13 has aged me significantly. Allie too. At least we got through it, the good, the bad and the inconvenient.

Questions for YOU!!! 

OB RN's why exactly do they need to do the first perinatologist appointment before the second trimester? Just wondering why it was needed quickly. 

When did braxton hicks contractions start for you? I know that everyone gets them and they are healthy for your uterus, because it is practice as long as they aren't sustained, but I feel like I didn't feel them until I got well into my second trimester last time. 

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