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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Week 12: A week of emotional rants.

Yes, we've made it to week 12. This week I just couldn't hold my excitement in any longer. I finally let the world know I have a baby just baking away. #babycoatesthe2nd

I'm really horrible at keeping secrets, other than of course HIPAA in the work life and best friend secrets, so keeping this secret as to why I couldn't move an incredible large patient up in bed was a struggle. 

So now that my conscious is clear, its actually easier for me to blog about stuff now. 

Lucky you. 

So I will tell you this week has been emotional. I have no idea why this week rather than all the others. Most likely because of "THIS IS US". 

This is what my face looks like every episode. #justlikeeveryoneelse

So I won't give anything away, but I cannot handle this show right now. I probably have collectively cried about 2 hours THIS week due to this damn show. The Super Bowl Sunday episode was beyond difficult and then THE CAR episode was gut wrenching. 

Also from a nurses point of view, CAN WE PLEASE GET A REDO WITH THAT GOD AWFUL CODE?! If his o2 levels were that low, could we please put him on bipap?!? Maybe get a freaking ABG, I know they had ABGS in the 90's! NBC, I need more closure than this. 

Sorry for that rant, so here's another one. 

So i'm desperately trying to find another movie for Allie to become obsessed with because we need to break up with Moana for a bit. So Matt downloads COCO. 

I don't want to give away a lot about this movie, but it's about a little boy who desperately wants to be a musician, but needs the support of his family and it's centered around Dia del Los Muertos, or Day of the dead, which I love the premise of this in the Mexican culture. He goes back across the "portal" to his dead relatives and discovers some horrific details about his family and YALL IT'S SAD. SAD!!!

Anywho, I want you to think about the beginning of the movie,  UP!, and how tragic that was, now I want you to picture the last 30 minutes of this movie being just as tragic. This is a fantastic movie, however, I don't know how I will get through this pregnancy and have Allie obsessed with this movie. Mayyyyyybe we need to find a different movie. 

SOOOOOOO many emotions. 

So on a high note: 

Here is Week 12 bump picture! I can very slightly see a bump, maybe its a bloated tummy, but maybe also a baby. The stripes make it confusing!

On to other preggo rants: 

  • I'm starting to get horrible headaches at night. It's really inconvenient. Especially when I have to work the next day. 
  • Gas is on a whole other level. I seriously am worried I might actually starting belching in public. I feel like in my last pregnancy this glorious symptom didn't come until the end. 
  • It's almost like I'm a bottomless pit. Which makes me super nervous. #thisisnotafitpreganancy
Cravings: EVERYTHING. Namely, Girl Scout cookies. I'm pretty hooked on tagalongs and i've been a loyal Thin Mints and Samoas girl for years. HOT CHEETOS. 

Aversions: Eggs. I still can't smell them without trying to get sick. I pretty much hold my breath while making them for Allie. 

Ok, y'all. Thanks for bearing with my rants. 


Fellow mamas: did you feel you were more emotional with one pregnancy versus another one?

What movies are your kiddos obsessed with these days?! Allie is pretty stuck on all the ones that sing. 

Anyone else emotionally drained from This is Us and not preggo?! 

In your second pregnancy, how fast did you start showing?

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