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Friday, September 12, 2014

Why I'm blogging and not cleaning my house.

It's noon and i'm still in my pajamas.

Y'all my house is disgusting. I've worked three days in a row, one of which was a 12 hour shift. I haven't worked out in two days and I feel like crap. I have until 5-ish to get this house in order and the guest bedroom ready for my dad who is staying the weekend.

At some point today, I will also have to go to the grocery store too.

Sometimes you just know you have a crap ton of stuff to do and just can't find the will to do it, well putting it off for 30 more minutes won't hurt. Procrastinators unite... tomorrow.

I'd just much rather chat with you fine people.

This week I've been watching... you guessed it. Netflix. I'm watching House of Cards. First off, I didn't even look at this show, because I A. don't care about politics, and B. refer to A. Anywho, I started watching and OH. MY. GOODNESS. Excellent show! It's more of a drama of politicians who are super conniving and manipulative with some politics in the background. Also, it has Kevin Spacey in it. If you need a show to watch while waiting for the usual shows to come back in the fall, watch it.

So i've been trying to put off the pumpkin craze until October, but i'm really caving that in department. 

I've love Blue Moon and think it's an excellent beer anyways, but adding pumpkin to it = Genius!

I'm not day drinking, I promise!
I am however, not going to get the famous PSL until October, I want to savor the pumpkin season this year and not hate pumpkin by the end of it... Yes, it happened to me two years ago and i'm still trying to recover.. #firstworldproblems #ihateusinghashtags #ihateevenmoresayingfirstworldproblems 

This. All day long. 

How freaking cute is this bag?! That is most regal cat. I will tell you right now, my husband bought me this bag... at World Market! I don't know if you can find this online, but definitely go look in the store. 

Can you say bonus points?!

Anywho, so I'm definitely going to put on these bad boys, and get some fresh air. I'm hoping it won't be hotter than hell outside, but I'm going to be eating horrible this weekend and need to at least clear some of the plaque out of my arteries to make room for some of that pumpkin ale later on. 

Here's also to hoping this run puts some productivity in my life!


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