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Monday, September 22, 2014

Let's just put pumpkin in everything.

Happy First day of Fall Y'all!!!

#PSL  #sweaters #boots... I still hate hashtags.

All the things autumn. It's all the rage. Right now.

Yes. I will be doing all the things mentioned in the hashtags and this meme. I'm even putting up my fall decor this week. 

I however will be holding off the famous PSL until October 1st or until the fall weather kicks in or doesn't look like this in Charleston.... 

Things I've done today: 

I also went to a venipuncture class (where your nurse gives you an IV/or steals blood from you) for my job this morning. Let me tell you nurses are just as afraid to stick you, as you are of them sticking you, ok?! Or at least I will be the nurse that is anyways. 

Be a responsible adult by calling the maintenance people to fix my fridge. I've put off calling someone about my noisy ass fridge for weeks. Possibly months if you count the time that it started. They came by and fixed it in 5 minutes. Thank goodness. 

I had a nap. A long two hour nap. Naps are awesome. And hold my crankiness to a minimum.  

Pretty awesome for a Monday, if I do say so myself. 

I want to know: 

Are you usually productive on Mondays?

Do you have a case of the Mondays today?!


  1. I'm not big on pumpkin. Now Apple.... Oh yeah. that's fall to me :) I'm also trying to hold out until October though.

  2. I love Apple too! Holding out... The struggle is real!


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