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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Costco, shipment, and cats in boxes.

I'm convinced Saturdays were made for Costco trips. 

Saturdays have the best samples out on EVERY. SINGLE. AISLE. or at least they do at the Costco here in Charleston. I was pretty much full with samples by the time we left, but still happened to get a ginormous slice of pizza. I get hangry fast so it was necessary.

Christmas stuff is already out at Costco! I'm specifically ignoring all the christmas grinches out there. I love Christmas and am very excited for it this year because this year we are staying at home and not traveling! Anyone knows that living over 1000 miles from home knows how hectic it gets traveling for the holidays and I'm glad to know I won't be doing it this year!

Sidenote: my husband, Matt,  is obsessed with bears, we take lots of picture of bears in this house. 

I would have taken more pictures of random awesome things at Costco, but Matt was making me feel  awkward yesterday for taking them in public. 

Solution: I have to get more stealthy about taking pictures in public. 

I got go my shipment in from Blue Apron! I was so excited! I got three meals for the week! It was delivered pretty early. I was very surprised how fresh all the ingredients looked, and you know parsley starts looking old fast. 

Our meals for the week include: 
  • Seared Cod Piperade with roasted blue potatoes and parsley almond sauce. 
  • Peperonata and Fried eggs with Creamy Parmesan Polenta. 
  • Chicken Hiyashi Chuka with fresh ramen and summer vegetables. (fancy ramen?! omg! my 20 year old self would be proud)
The food comes complete with the recipe as well as step by step instructions with pictures. It's so cool. Tonight I will be making the Peperonata and Fried Eggs. I'm so excited!!

Hopefully, my meals come out as pretty as the pictures. I will keep you updated with how they come out. 

****I'm not being paid by Blue Apron to review this.. I wish I was, I just wanted to add recipes to the 10 revolving recipes I currently use.***

My cats like to be creepy in the boxes. They look forward to big shipments. 

It clearly doesn't matter the size of the box. 

Gizmo is now glorifying his shaved arm. That fur is growing back so slow. 

I hope your Sunday is wonderful, ours contains football. 

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