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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Rainy day, a Run and Ramen.

Do you have a pet that always gravitates toward one thing in your house? For me, Lou kitty has gravitated toward this blanket since Matt brought it home from Korea. It feels like fur and when it touches your skin it feels so cool. My cat has good taste at least. 

Lou kitty is OBSESSED. 

You know it's gonna be a good blog post when I start it out talking about my cats. Ok, well maybe that's just me. 

So I wanted to go to boot camp for one of my last workouts with my trainer, but it started raining. 

Let me tell you, RAIN= NO MOTIVATION. Feeling a workout guilt coming on I noticed there is a treadmill basically two feet from my living room. I did get on the treadmill and knocked out 3 miles while watching reruns of Mindy project, yes she motivates me to keep running when I definitely wanted to crawl back in bed. I was proud of myself. This rarely happens. 

At least it was a pretty view. 

Another cat lady moment: My cat loves my nasty, sweaty hair. He rubs his whole face and body on my head.. and licks my hair. Gross/funny/loving at the same time. Don't judge me, I let him do this for 15 minutes and might have taken a short video. 

Oh yeah. I cooked last night. I made the fancy ramen recipe. The only thing that went bad before I got to use it was the arugula. I guess I didn't make it fast enough. It was delicious. Blue Apron you did not disappoint in this ramen recipe. However, If you are salt sensitive, you might want to cut down on the soy sauce, there is a lot of seasoning in this packed with salt. 

Here is the recipe and the picture.

I think I pretty much nailed it... Matt was extremely impressed and ate his entire bowl in less than 10 minutes. 

Fast forward to this morning!

This morning I woke up and opened my windows. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt outside, don't mind the raining. 

 There is something about cats and the weather change, they know.

Today was one of the most peaceful mornings. It was so peaceful, I was late for spin, but I did make it, despite the rain. You'd be proud. 

Don't forget to be awesome today! 


Talk to me: 

Do you make it to workouts when it rains?

Do you have certain weather you absolutely won't work out in?

Tell me what the weather is doing in your part of the country!!

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