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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There's only 259 days left!!!

So apparently Disney has this thing called, "Run Disney", they hold a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and a FULL marathon. WOAH DISNEY, WOAH. You can read all about it here

My husband, Matt, said that once he saw that Disney had a marathon, he knew he wanted to do it. So that definitely got me thinking... Could I do one?! I've never considered myself a runner at all, but I enjoy running, and I think I could really get into it. I've done a color run and the famous Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, but never actually considered a half marathon. Plus, if I do the half marathon, Matt promised we could do Disney for a few days!!! OMGoodness. Y'all have no idea. I've wanted to go to Disney my whole life and I definitely want to go before I have kiddos (sorry, but not sorry, I do want to experience it like a big kid first!!) Even better, I won't be in school and won't have to worry about school work and clinicals, because I (god willing) will be a RN!

So... now the fun begins, training and a big learning experience. I definitely want to train for it. I don't want to have any crazy injuries that would prevent me from being the most awesome nurse ever. I also have a lot to learn, like listening to my body, nutrition, and  knowing when to push myself. I'm now researching the best training guides to help ease myself into running better and more efficiently. 

I better sign up soon, only 259 days until RUN DISNEY!

All you runners out there, where did you look first when training for a race/run?

Any great reliable sources for runner nutrition?

Your Texan girl needs some help! 

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