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Saturday, April 5, 2014

10 reasons...

why I am happy about today.. 

1. It's one of my best friend's birthday, Olivia. She is one of the best people I know, and one of my very first friends when we came to Charleston. It's always great to have someone who knows ALL about you and wants to be your friend anyway. We will always be forever friends.

2. ITS CATURDAY! Yes, saturday= CATurday. What can I say.. these cats are pretty much my life..I'm such a cat lady. I know it. 

Gizmo is helping me study!
Me and Lou kitty are watching Revenge together!

3. ITS THE FREAKING WEEKEND! The week was a doozie for me, but then again any week with a test is crazy.

4. REVENGE BINGE! So excited I might be able to finish before I go to national convention next week! Yes, I'm still on season 2!

5. I drank my coffee this morning with NO INTERRUPTIONS. No school, No rushing to study (although I should be studying), No needing to be somewhere quick. Just me and my cup of coffee. My name is Ashley and I'm addicted to coffee.

6. Gap is having a 50% off sale on spring attire, that place is on my list of places to go today. I'm so in love with this place!

7. It's warm outside and beautiful today. The high is 79 degrees. This girl is hanging outside today!

8. This SALAD. I feel like I'm always in such a rush I can never really sit down and enjoy anything anymore. Alas, the life of a nursing student. I'm sure that part won't change much when i'm an RN.

Spring mix, spinach, celery, red bell pepper, english cucumber, Simply Dressed vinegrette-Champagne, feta and eggs!
9. FRUYO! MY GOODNESS. I love this stuff and have been eating it like crazy lately. I figured as long as i'm working out, I need the protein! I will let you guys know how boot camp is going soon!

10. Pinterest! I'm a Pinterest freak! Thats usually how I go to bed most nights, just browsing around pinning my imaginary dream home, all the cute things i'll eventually do with my human children, and don't worry there's plenty pinned about cats.

Happy Caturday Everyone!!! Get out there and enjoy the weekend!!!


What are you doing this weekend? 

How do you like to spend the weekend? 

Ps. No paid advertisements on this page, just sharing some products that i'm loving.

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