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Monday, April 7, 2014

Man, that just creeps up on you

Oh hello monday we meet again! 

HOLY CRAP! I have a ton of stuff to do today. Nothing says going on a trip like waiting until the last minute to do everything! This sounds completely insane, but.... the cats always know when i'm leaving to go out of town. Always. It's seriously like they have a sixth sense. So I always pack my bag in my closet. Yes. It gets that insane. They will cry and caterwaul in the bathroom at night while i'm trying to sleep.  Let me explain, NO SLEEP HAPPENS.

Does anybody else feel like they should clean their house right before a big trip?! I don't know why but I always feel like I have to GET IT ALL DONE. I don't have a very big apartment, but it just seems like it takes forever.

While i'm at this nursing convention, I'm going to try to be resourceful. When I say resourceful, I mean bring food with me so I don't have to spend an arm and a leg! Think about it.... you're there for 5 days! Eating out could really be expensive, and especially at a resort with outrageous prices. So here is some of the stuff i'm bringing: Kashi Honey sunshine cereal, Life is Good coffee (yes, i'm bringing a coffee pot, remember when I said I was addicted to coffee?!), clementines, bananas, cantaloupe (i'll be cutting it up before), whole grain bread and veggie straws. I also bought some Boar's head low sodium turkey and provolone cheese. Hopefully, I'll be all set for the trip!

Really any road trip I go on, I try to bring foods I know will be filling and good for me. I hate coming back from a trip knowing all the processed crap I ate just because it's convienient. My goal for this trip is to eat healthy as much as possible, and try to utilize the gym area at least twice. I've got big goals for this trip, this I know. Ha!

Let's not forget about all the studying I MUST complete while on this trip. The life of a nursing student NEVER stops. My next test is in two weeks. Hopefully, I'll get something done. I have 6 units to get through. Yes, it includes all the med-surg goodness of Peds (basically a whole bunch of disease processes for kiddos.) Nursing student by day and crazy-must-get-everything-done by night.

Oh and I still have to fit in boot camp tonight! I'll blog about that one soon. It kicks my butt every week, but I love it.  Busy Busy Busy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Have a great Monday and rock your week!

How do you pack?! 

Any tips out there from people that travel often? 

Any road trip snacks that are a must?

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