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Sunday, April 27, 2014

So my Sunday went like this.

Yes. It was a pool day. Thank you Charleston, for your wonderful 86 degree weather! I couldn't even resist the weather today, I just had to be outside. The weather this next week, will be back to rainy! A girl has to get her vitamin D somehow!

Just in case you were wondering, I was studying cardiac defects by the pool, every nursing student has done this at least ONCE. I am very lucky I have a great apartment complex that always has a fantastic pool, always clean.  

Oh I could have sat by the pool ALLL DAY. My sunglasses are a bit on the large side, BUT I will not be getting those crow's feet this early. According to my mother, "you better not even think about walking outside with out moisturizing, or it will look like crows been walking all across your face!"-my mom. Thanks, Mom. I'll never forget (most of the time).  Hopefully, my genetics are very kind to me, because i've been bathing in the sun for a LONG TIME. 

But by 2:30pm I was burnt. Hello base suntan/sunburn. I'm also learning about burns too (of course). No matter how much sunscreen I was putting on by this point. I was still burnt. I can't believe i'm in to taking selfies. OMG. Who knows where this habit will take me. I promise to not be one of those people who take a habitual selfies. PROMISE. 

So here's the rest of the day... Clearly pretty much the same. Just studying in my old location in front of the TV. We will see how much more I get done today... 

Now there's a cat involved.... 

I wish I could just cuddle him forever.

My fitness goal for this next week is to go to boot camp both days (Monday and Wednesday) and take a spin class (Thursday). I love spin classes but they are NEVER at the time I need them to be. I have big ambitions this week, people. BIG.

Since I have caught up with Revenge (new episode tonight!), I gotta look up another show... Any thoughts?!


Was there nice weather where you are?

Do you have any fitness goals for the week?!

Have you ever tried a spin class?


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    1. It's a good one! It just keeps getting more ridiculous every episode!!


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