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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fright nights with my Golden Girls.

"Thank you for being a friend. Traveled down the road and back again" never meant so much. 

One of my "golden girls" told me this and I absolutely couldn't agree more. I can't believe this Nursing school journey is nearly complete. 

Sometimes, you just meet  people in your life, who just make sense. 

Who completely understand you without question. 

Who take up for you when you really need it. 

Who always stay in your corner and never leave now matter what it is. 

When you find these people. Don't ever let them go. They are truly golden and that's just not 
something you find very often these days. As I write this, I am constantly thinking of all the tough 
times nursing school and life has thrown at me. Some stuff completely trivial and some stuff too heavy to carry on my own. 

When we were picking what we should dress up as for "fun". We didn't realize we were picking to be ladies that were best friends from a generation of people that literally stayed friends forever. In a generation where friends stuck together and didn't let trivial things come in between them because at the end of the day friendships were treated like gold. 

Believe me when I say this, I just had that realization two seconds before I wrote this. My hope and prayers are that we can continue this friendship for our lives, no matter where that leads us. 

How freaking fabulous are we?! From left to right: Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche. 

I really feel like we nailed it. 

Blanche Devereaux needed a selfie. This fabulous frock was purchased at Goodwill and will promptly be donated right back! 

Let's turn back time to Wednesday night. 

On Wednesday night, we went to a haunted house/trail ride and it was soooo much fun. 
If you are ever in Charleston, SC near Halloween, you have to go to the Fright Nights at Boone Hall plantation.  

But first we had a nice nursing family dinner at Cracker Barrel. 

Yes. I'm still on a cleanse. It was difficult but I did find something to eat. OK, so I cheated. OH THE SHAME. I ate a corn muffin with BUTTA. I'm back on the wagon today and have moved on from the incident.

On to the fright night!!!

Here's to all the crazy. I love every minute. 

Hope you guys have an awesome Halloween and I hope you're having a blast. 

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  1. Omgosh! I can't even walk into this store - I'm now totally un-presentable now! I love this! And you. And you, & you, Ashleigh & Tami. While in ready to not have to deal with this studying thing anymore, I'm so not ready to let this side of it go. Just going to pretend like it's not happening til the very last second ;) ♡


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