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Sunday, November 2, 2014

7 reasons why November is fabulous.

I have to say November is my favorite month out of the entire year. For these reasons I will explain below:

1. I was born in November. Duh, I'm a little biased. However, 27 is coming whether I want it to or not and I am absolutely determined to make it the best year yet.

2. THANKSGIVING. I love this holiday. I feel that this is one of the least stressful holidays, because all you do is eat and don't have to worry about presents. Just being present to eat.

All of these were necessary.

I thought this was hilarious when I found it. I was like, oh is that Mariah Carey AND thanksgiving foods, this could be amazing. 

3. Black Friday. I LOVE deals. I get some kind of weird "omgimamazing" feeling that I cheated the system and got something for much cheaper than it would have been. Matt shares this too, this is why we are soul mates. 

4. November means that Christmas is less than 54 days away. You know I have a love for countdowns. I don't know about you, but I love the anticipation of christmas. PLUS, in November in our house, we put up the Christmas stuff the Thanksgiving day. 

5. It's still fall. AND it's getting sooo chilly!!! Ok, so chilly for the south. I actually turned on my heater yesterday. The high was 49 degrees. It was insane, but I was loving it. Clearly, I belong in a colder climate. 

6. It's still ok to have the famous PSL at Starbucks as well as all the Christmas flavors too. WINNING! I promise I just got the email. As soon as this 24 day challenge is over, I will be drinking coffee again. 

7. This happened. COMPOSITE PICTURES at school! Graduation is sooo close I can taste it! If you don't know what composites are, they are pictures that go in our graduating class picture for the school AND can be used for your licensing picture. 

I stopped at 7 because it's my favorite number and I really should be studying right now. 

Happy Sunday! 

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