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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Smells like a college rejection letter.

Don't worry not mine.. look below you'll see what I'm talking about.

I've been really bad at this blogging thing lately, what's even worse is I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks, I've been really bad at that too.

Remember a million posts ago when I was like, uh ya I'm totally going to do a cleanse? Well we have bit the bullet and am finally trying out Advocare's 24 day challenge. Yes, It was a million dollars to do, but after eating 187937 consecutive meals at various mexican food restaurants for a week straight, I need to get back on track. I've found so many people this has helped, not to mention one of my new favorite blogs to read... The Lunchbox Diaries, she writes about her experience, as well as one of my all time favorite blogs to read, Mama Laughlin, who swears by Advocare.  Anywho, it's worth a shot, and I intend to share my experience with y'all!

To break up all the words.

These cats have been all over us since we've gotten back from our trip. I think it's safe to say they missed us. 

Please ignore all the laundry you might see. 

This cat has been especially needy. 

So I've been working a lot lately to pay for Gizmo's vet bills from here. As a result of this, there has been more interwebs surfing than normal. Ok, obscene amounts, but I mean working a 12 hour night shift in a hospital is a little less busy, so a little more down time.. 

I stumbled upon this company and these candles. 

AND nearly woke up all my patients. Go Here, you won't regret it, unless you're not sarcastic and don't have a sense of humor. 

A little bit of normalcy is about to enter my life again, School is starting back tomorrow. Oh i'm so pumped and annoyed at the same time. It's the very last class of nursing school and I'm just wanting all the paperwork bs of being a nursing student over already. 

If anyone in nursing school ever tells you, " oh it's not that bad". They are straight up lying to you and should be punched in the face promptly. The paperwork is ridiculous. 

Anywho, I've just spent about a million dollars in paying for my NCLEX fees (boards to be an RN) as well as teeny tiny fees to the state of Texas. I'm just ready to rock this test and be done. 

December 16 really needs to get here fast. 

My Goal today: going to at least run a mile.

Talk to me: 

What is your goal today?!

Can anyone believe October is almost over?!

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