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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Y'all guess what?!!

We got our new base location.

We are moving to.....

I'm kinda excited about it. We will be living near the Trader Joe's/Whole foods/bougie shop mecca of this side of the US. 

I've always wanted to live on this side of the country and have NEVER even been on the west coast. I'm really interested in how I will adjust to the time change, not to mention all the craziness of the city life.  

I'm sure moving the cats over 2000 miles will also be joyous. (note sarcasm here)

We will be moving here in March 2015. Crazy how times flies, I feel like we just got to Charleston. 

Short post! Got to pack for Texas tomorrow! My procrastination is unwavering. 

Talk to me: 

Does anyone live in Los Angeles?! 

Where should we look to live that is safe and relatively inexpensive?

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