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Monday, October 6, 2014

A whirlwind.

Happy October Y'all!

October is absolutely one of my favorite months ever... right next to November (ahem: my birthday month and thanksgiving, I'm one of those that really likes thanksgiving)


This past week has been an absolute whirlwind.

Four 12-hour night shifts worked. I seriously had the hardest time transitioning back to real life being back to days. Let's just say there was a lot of melatonin involved and maybe wine.

One night with my military family.  I attended an awards ceremony for a wonderful lady in my husband's office. It was a great first night off from work. We celebrated on the USS Yorktown, yes, the awards ceremony was on an aircraft carrier. It was really cool, we could see the cable bridge from the ship. 

 Two days with my nursing school family. I'm telling you this week was non-stop. On Friday, I attended the South Carolina Student Nursing convention. Thank goodness it was in Charleston! Just being silly with my nursing friends was exactly what I needed.

Yes, we were on our way to a luau party. Don't you love our hula shirts?

This was so funny. I shirt made me want a wiener dog. Bad. 

The back of our hula shirts were just as fabulous. 

It wouldn't be convention without this girl. 

Someone missed me this weekend. He was ALL OVER ME.  

The weather in October is not disappointing at all. My cats are loving the windows being open. 

Last but not least: ONE ATI-RN EXIT EXAM COMPLETE. This is the exam I needed to pass to exit my nursing program, so that my school will endorse me to take the NCLEX, which is my state boards to be a registered nurse. I'm over the moon excited. No extra classes for me. 

All of these, were completely necessary so you know the extent of my excitement. 

I feel super productive because it's only Monday and I feel awesome. 

AND I'll be taking myself on home to the motherland (Texas, duh.) on Wednesday for a week to gorge on mexican food and attend a wedding. 

If you don't hear from me in a week, assume I am in a mexican food coma. 

Hope you are rocking Monday and if you're not you still have 4 days to make it happen! 

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