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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Week 15- Baby Coates is a.....

 BOY OH BOY OH BOY. I'm shocked. I seriously thought this was a girl. 

Really we had an array of emotions in our house. Allie was a little devastated this is not a girl.  

We are thrilled. This baby is healthy and growing and seriously that's all we could ask for. Shout out to my friend Catherine. She made this beautiful cake for me. I'm so thankful for her and her friendship. This cake was amazing.  

Then we had a boy that was not sure why we were eating cake but nevertheless was here for all of it. 

This week has been pretty full. Lots of stuff going on. 

Allie had a tonsilectomy. I could write a saga on how that's been going... Really trying to reason with a 5 year old is has its ebbs and flows. 

First of all, tantrums are still in full swing. I thought we were over that stage. 

We're definitely not. 

Trying to get a 5 year old to drink water or even soup at this point is so hard. It really has to be her idea. This infuriates the RN in me. I'm used to working with adults, even the poutiest ones. Kids have their own language and perceptions, Matt has been really great with her, while i'm on Team JUST TAKE THE WATER/TYLENOL/MOTRIN BECAUSE I SAID. These hormones have not helped. We wake up diligently every 3 hours at night to make sure she take the motrin and tylenol alternatively to stay ahead of the pain. It makes me feel like im not ready for a newborn stage again at 33. 

We also celebrated this boy's 3rd birthday. 

THREE. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? It was a Spiderman/Batman themed day. He had everything he wanted. Our Eli Andrew is too big. When they tell you babies don't keep. They mean it. I literally remember everything about this day three years ago, it was labor day weekend and I was 41 weeks preggo. I wanted nothing more than this child to exit my body. It was hot. I didn't have central A/C in my california house and my two year old child at the time did not know the meaning of a rest day. I did stairs at the park that morning while trying to will myself to have contractions strong enough to go to the hospital. At 11:47pm on September 4, he was here. I love this sweet boy so much. He is going to be the best big brother I could ask for. 

As if my plate isn't overflowing enough, to distract myself from the outside world, I've been baking bread. I finally kept a sourdough starter alive long enough to use it. I'm super proud of these. The first is a traditional sourdough. 

I'm super proud of this one. It's a green chile cheese sourdough and I'm so happy with how beautiful she turned out. Matt has approved of this new venture in this pregnancy. Now I pray I don't gain a million pounds. 

Last but never least my preggo stats for the week! 

Obligatory 15 week picture. It literally looks like I have a food baby. When I tell people I'm actually pregnant no one believes me. I had one co-worker that said he thought I was kidding. Wut? Why would I kid about being 15 weeks pregnant. I'm not this moody on a regular basis. Or maybe I am? Oh well!

Cravings: Still craving all the pickles, cooked sushi, V8 (it's been like 4 cans a day, I don't know what's going on here), SALTY carbs. Salty meats. Edamame. Veggies. Celery and cottage cheese. 

Aversions: I'm getting over the meats, but largely won't due beef unless its jerky. 

Still able to work 3 days a week at work. Physically I feel strong and can do most things. I've felt like getting back on the bike after my unfortunate dog bite, which is almost 85% better. 

Here's to the next week and starting to compile a list of baby names!! 

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