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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Week 17: Is it a baby or a beer belly?

Week 17 has been one of those awkward weeks, because people look at you weird thinking hmmmm... is she just fat? or is there a child in there? I feel like my stomach looks totally normal in the morning and then by the afternoon, i'm all out there. 

My preggo clothes don't fit yet, and then my regular clothes are feeling a bit snug. So I'm not exactly sure which direction I need to go, but i'll tell you what would help. 


All my oversized sweater would really help me right now. However, in the ABQ, we are still basking in 90 degree weather. Rude. If anyone wants to come at me for the last comment, No I don't hate summer, but Jesus I was not made for Summer weather. Nevermind what my winter self told me earlier this spring. I. Cant. Hang. 

I went to Trader Joe's and experienced all the fall things. Pumpkin is in full bloom and so are the sugar skulls. I'm literally doing everything I can not to decorate for Halloween yet. 

I'm not sure i'm that strong. Last year, Sept 1, I put all my spooky stuff up. This year I'm trying to have some restraint. 

I'm getting really excited about Balloon Fiesta. I'm not sure if we will go to the festival or not, because I have some serious PTSD about crowds, but I am excited for the feel of a new season. I think we all are. 

I'm still on my sourdough kick. 

Peep my sweet take on Cinnamon and sugar sourdough bread. She's so pretty. Probably my best one yet. I'm able to keep my sourdough starter alive. This gives me hope that I'll actually be able to keep 3 children alive at once during a pandemic. Y'all, I have really lowered expectations these days. 

Week 17 BEBE stats! 

If you ever wondered how my bladder feels in this pregnancy, have no fear, this picture explains everything. You see those little fists? 

Every. 10. Minutes. I. Must. PEE. 

This in no way is conducive to my work life. 

He's completely healthy and measuring big, a week bigger in fact. Here's to hoping he's not as big as Allie, because I don't know if my nether regions can handle another episiotomy. Yes, I still overshare here, nothing has changed. 

This week my hormonal outbursts are at an all time high. My children are really the ones who have endured this and bless them. I feel as though the mood swings could cause whiplash. 

During this pregnancy, I have purged alot of my house. Way more than normal. I do feel like my inner Marie Kondo is coming through. Could be good? Could have nothing left by the time this child comes?Who knows? I also feel like I don't want to move with a whole bunch of shit, like I did last time from California to New Mexico. 

Cravings: Still on my V8 kick. Trader Joe's onion chips. I really am a monster. I'm a huge fan of their okra chips. But these onion things are great. They are not like the crispy onions you put on green bean casserole. I'm hoping these salty vibes aren't forever. 

Aversions: Eating full meals. This is a weird one. Usually i'm a finish your plate kinda gal, not now. I can fully be ready to put something away and in the middle, i'll just stop eating and go find something else, like a bowl of cereal. 

I have lots of energy still. I'm going to keep riding this train until the wheels fall off. I'm so ambitious, I think i'll run a 5K at Thanksgiving at 28 weeks. I haven't ran more than 3 miles this entire pregnancy. Whatever. I'm really in it for the turkey gloves, which I'm sure my daughter will run off with and wear for the next year.  

Thanks for listening to my weekly rants, friends! Until next week! 

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