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Monday, August 30, 2021

Week 14: I probably should just wrap myself in a bubble for the rest of this pregnancy.

 Why would I expect this pregnancy wouldn't be as eventful as everything else in my life?

Turns out. 

I'm one of those accident prone people that stuff just happens to. 

Yes. I was bit by another dog. This time I was walking up to the bus stop waiting for Allie girl to get home and a white dog that I have seen a dozen times, lunged while on a leash and bit my thigh. 

Of course, Matt is in Colorado and I am a MESS. Eli was having a meltdown on the sidewalk about something else and I am wounded. I'm just glad it was me and not Eli. I probably would have lost my mind if Eli was bit. Lucky for me, I had an amazing neighbor and she took in my kiddos immediately without question while I went to urgent care. 

I was super lucky, I got to urgent care and they got me in without an appointment and I was in and out in 20 minutes. Was I a blubbering mess when I got there? Yes. Did that probably help expedite the process. Absolutely. 

Right after

Day 1

Result: 10 days of antibiotics and one day off of work. I'm fine. Leg is a bit sore, but otherwise i'm ok. No stitches for puncture wounds and dog was fully vaccinated this time. 

Why is it terrible things always happen when my husband is TDY? Remember the stolen purse incident? Where I had no money for a week? Or when my kids decide to get really sick with RSV and ear infections for days? 

Military life. And now i'm insane for adding a third baby to the mix. Just madness, people. Madness.

Any who. Let's change gears and talk about all the weird shit i'm eating these days. Probably the weirdest cravings yet. 

Obligatory Bump pic: 


Sunchips and cottage cheese. Matt thinks i'm a monster. No idea why this combination is amazing. 

Green olives stuffed with garlic. Black olives. Give me all the fats right now. 

Tuna. Who am I? I'm not a huge tuna person unless it's raw in a sushi roll. But somehow these tuna kits are where it's at. 

Pickled Okra. I am from the south, so i'll just blame this one on genetics. The only thing I won't eat that's pickled is pig feet and eggs. Ok, who actually eats pig feet anyway?

V8. I've been drinking it like crazy. Just pour all the salt into my body and watch me bloat. 


COLD cereal. I don't discriminate, i've found myself eating this right after I eat dinner. 


Meat. I can't do it. I can do chicken and shrimp. No beef by any means. I'm really hoping this changes. 

Movement: Still able to work 36 hours a week on my feet, and able to go on mile long walks and Peloton bike rides. My goal is for this baby to slip right on out. 

So I have a goal to have at least 75 rides this year on the bike (currently at 35 rides) and to continue walking for my run the year goal. Although I won't reach my goal, I'm still motivated to move more in this pregnancy than I did in the other two, because something tells me my appetite will only grow from here. 

I think I've had enough excitement for one week, one month and even for the rest of this year. 

Until next week! 

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