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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 25: Allie girl, it's not your birthday yet.

Holy appetite Batman. Up until now, I've really felt like I wasn't super hungry and would eat pretty normally, but now I feel like this:

I can feel how fast this girl is growing and it makes me feel like my daily required intake is about to double. Nearing the third trimester makes me a little nervous because now the countdown is really on: 100 DAYS.  

So I had a Doctor's appointment this week and got to hear my sweet little Allie girl's heartbeat. I did the dreaded fasting for the 1hr Glucose Tolerance Test, which was crappy, but over with thank goodness.  The glucose didn't really start bothering me until after lunch, my stomach was all kinds of messed up. I started reading that it happens to a lot of women after the test and I called my doctor's office and of course they confirmed my symptoms were completely normal.

Allie is measuring absolutely perfect and everything was seeming to be going well, until this past week I started to feel some pelvic "heaviness", if you will, not pressure, so my Doctor was concerned with "preterm" labor symptoms, but decided NOT to measure my cervix at this appointment... and to schedule it for Monday. I have a hate/hate relationship with this doctor, I don't know if she was being lazy or the fact that she broke her arm (she claimed she fell out of a swivel chair, I think a patient probably got pissed and pushed her, just my thoughts) and didn't want to ask someone to help her check. I didn't want to spend one more minute with her today, so I said ok and would come back Monday. 

Fast forward to the next day: so I miraculously get called off work, and good thing I did, because those stomach cramps carried over to the next day and were accompanied with horrible loose stools. Called my doctor for good measure and never believed she would have said to go to straight to the labor and delivery wing to get checked. ***cue crazy mama anxiety***

So as i'm driving there I feel all the pelvic heaviness in the world and actually think, "Omg. This child thinks today is her birthday. No, Allie it's not. You have to stay in there a little bit longer". 

She decided to to move all about, showing us how active she is, this went on the entire time we had her on the ultrasound. It really did make my mama heart happy. 

No worries everything is ok, clearly my body hates sugar and was super upset from the day before, and cervical length is perfect and clamped shut, at least we got that cervical length checked! Just found out i'm anemic, which i'm completely fine with because it's fixable. 

Worrying about pre-term labor is scary, and is something I will be paying closer attention to symptoms more than I have been. I feel good about my decision to call the doctor even though it was nothing. 

Cravings: Mashed potatoes, pickle chips, and orange sherbet! 

Aversions: Salmon, fish. 

Sleep:  Sleep has gotten much more uncomfortable. I think the blessed second trimester has given me all the rest and sleep I could ask for. My goodness the dreams are continuing to get weirder and weirder. Had a dream I was on a cruise ship with my brother and we both fell off the ship, but could breathe under water. What?

Here's to hoping Week 26 is completely uneventful. 

Until next week!

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