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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 24: Our baby girl's name, judgers, and peeing too many times in one movie.

I'll tell you how many times, 4.

Four is way too many. On Valentine's day, we went to see Deadpool, and I don't know what the deal was, but I had to go pee too many times. It was almost embarrassing, I'm sure the people in the theater thought I had some really bad issues. Thank goodness I was at the very end of the row. I thought for sure I wasn't supposed to pee this much again until the third trimester?!

***Deadpool is hilarious and Ryan Reynolds is perfect.

So I broke down this week and finally invested in some real maternity clothes. It was pretty wonderful actually. I didn't realized how comfortable maternity jeans were. I finally have a bump to hold up the jeans and leggings. I will tell you that the store lady was telling me how big your boobs can get during pregnancy and going up 1-3 cups sizes was her answer. That seems a bit excessive! So far i've only gone up a 1/2 a cup, but i'm lopsided so it's a strange situation all together. I probably should have said TMI at the beginning of this post, but then again I probably should have put it on the front page of my blog. Texan Girl Talks, The lifestyle blog where I share TMI.

I'm still on the 1-3 cup sizes up thing, and that makes me think of all the excretions coming my way.

Nesting is real, y'all.

I invested in a lot of room decor this week! I went to a Hobby Lobby that was an hour away, but came back with some pretty awesome loot at an amazing cost. We've I've decided our colors are going to mint and coral, she's a summer baby, so summer colors were a must.  I can't wait to pull my Pinterest baby nursery together! This nursery will be all the creativeness that I wanted to put in the rest of my house, but always put off because of food, cats and California cost of living.

Photo cred goes to my girl Sarah, You'll always be my LA photographer!!

Preggo Thoughts:
  • Now that I have somewhat of a bump, let the judgement begin! As I am walking out of Starbucks the other day with a tall coffee drink in hand, I noticed a lady staring at me.. So naturally I start staring back and she watched me drink my coffee all the way out of the store with a stank face of judgement. Listen, lady I know how much coffee I can drink without stressing out my baby. Chill out you big ol' judger. 
  • I had a dream I was drinking a gigantic glass of wine last night. I felt so guilty when I woke up. Weird. 
  • This was the first Valentine's day where I didn't drink any Champagne and Matt was the sweetest to not drink any in front of me (if he did I most likely would have cut him). We saved our bottle for June, POST BABY!  
  • Going maternity clothes shopping was absolutely hands down, the first time where I could see myself being a mom. It was the weirdest thing, I've been to the doctor, saw the positive pregnancy test, saw the ultrasound of the baby, but for the first time I could actually visualize being a mom. I don't know if was the lighting or the way maternity clothes showcased my bump, but it was a really great feeling and I think it helped that Matt was there to tell me how beautiful I looked, even though I felt like a bloaty whale. 
  • So the 4D option for ultrasounds can't be done at my regular ultrasound place! So i've been scoping out ultrasound places to go that will do the 4D ultrasound. I feel like I should wait a few more weeks to get it done. Any idea what week I should have it done at?!
  • My kitty cat, Gizmo is obsessed with sitting on my lap right next to our girl. I love it. 
Cravings: Fruit. Any kind of fruit. 

Aversions: Fish. I don't want fish of any kind. I hope this aversion goes away. 

Sleep: Is ok this week. I sleep pretty much when my head hits the pillow and am sleeping in the entire night except to go pee one time, and the one time I have to pee it's like Niagara falls. 

We've decided that our baby girl will be named Allison Jade Coates. I have had this name picked out since we found out the gender, literally we had a list and when the ultrasound tech left the room so the perinatologist could come confirm the gender, we went over three names and Allison stuck. I knew right away what I wanted to call her. The middle name however took a little bit to figure out. 

We will call her Allie for short! She will be our Allie cat! (still a cat lady...)

Anyways, we can't wait to meet you Allison! 

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