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Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 22: Was that a belch or a demon?

I am now in the last week of the Fifth month!

Where is the time going? My belly is finally starting to grow! I'm so excited. We are 99% sure our child will have a full name by the time this month is over. That's even more exciting.

I am buying all kinds of girl clothes. I probably buy something every week, sorry Matt but I'm not sorry and if you say anything about my buying, I will snap you like a twig. #loveyou #hormones #thischildwillhavesomanycardigans

Did anyone notice while they were preggo that their animals got kind of protective? My cats are getting super weird. They will lay pretty much on top of me when ever i'm sitting down and my Greta girl guards our front door and back door. I won't lie I'm super grateful for that while Matt is MIA this week, but it's something i've noticed as my pregnancy has progressed.

Preggo thoughts:
  • My head is sometimes a bag of cats. Nothing makes sense and I feel like I don't know what i'm doing. This always happens when i'm on the phone with a doctor. Why?!?
  • My Glucose Tolerance Test is coming up. I have test anxiety, and praying that my pancreas is holding up his end of the deal by keeping up with my sugars! **I don't know why I think of my pancreas as a man.***
  • My dreams are crazy as hell. I had a dream my cat's leg was being held on by a button. It was strange. I also had a crazy dream I acquired C. Diff (horrible, beyond horrible diarrhea) from a patient and my job fired me for it. Why am I so strange?!
  • I had Braxton hicks contractions for the first time and wanted to cry. I kept thinking omg, i'm not doing this pregnancy right. No worries, it only happened once and i'm really a big old baby. #operationdrinkmorewater #iwonderhowi'mgoingtogetthroughlabor?
  • I hope my husband will continue to think my cankles are attractive. 
  • I'm 78% sure that my nipples are starting to excrete things. How far along were some of you when this started to happen? Am I imagining this? 
Real Talk for just a minute. So my doctor has informed me that my child has a small calcium deposit in her heart. My AFP levels are normal so my doctor doesn't think that it has anything to do with downs syndrome, which is typically indicative with calcium deposits. So we're doing another ultrasound to make sure it's nothing. 

This is what I do know: Her heart is the perfect size, she is growing perfectly for her gestational age, all the walls of the heart are intact and the blood is pumping through the heart just fine. I will continue to pray for her health and put my faith in the fact that everything will be fine. I also know, It won't matter one way or the other if my child has an anomaly because I will love her unconditionally either way.

Preggo symptoms!
  • My skin is super sensitive. I broke through a ton of sterile gloves the other day because my hands were sweaty, and my skin broke out in a horrible rash. Did anyone else have super sensitive skin when they preggo? I almost thought I was developing a latex allergy. 
  • I'm super sweaty. Why?! I also sometimes have hot flashes, oh the hormones! 
  • I feel like I waddle at the end of a 12 hour shift, it has got to be too early for a waddle. 
  • Gas is a problem this week. I straight up belched in front of a co-worker the other day and you would have thought a demon came out the way this man looked at me. **shame** I did say I was sorry, kind of, totally blamed the baby.. 

Cravings: Chocolate! Oreos! This might be a bit of a problem i'm sure. Trying to keep moderation in mind. Of course Salt and vinegar chips have never left this category!

Going on long walks with this girl will help keep my sugar cravings low (yeah, right.). Greta likes to make sure i'm going at her pace. Which is fast.

Aversions: Salmon. I made salmon this past week and it was not good. Either I didn't cook this right, or my body is just rejecting all things that are good for me.

Sleep: I could sleep all day everyday. This week I have literally slept for 8-9 hours a night.

Until next week! 

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