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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 26: This week i've hit an all time low.

Hello Week 26!

I'm actually a goldfish in human form. Pregnancy brain has a hit an all time high, leaving me feeling like an idiot.

Situation: I thought I placed my purse in a locker at work, complete with a combination lock.

  • I swore I put it in a locker, so I tried every single black combination lock on the lockers, and was really thinking I just didn't know how to work a combination lock at the end of a 12 hour hellish shift. 
  • So I grabbed someone to try my combination on all the locks. ***Cornelio, you are amazing, even though I know you think i'm a moron.***
  • Grabbed an environmental services helper at work to get a bolt cutter. 
  • Cut off a combination lock I thought was mine. 
In all actuality there was nothing in the locker, and I found my purse in a whole different location. 


What is wrong with me?! I swear some people have it all together, I clearly am not one of those people. If you can saunter your way through pregnancy without preggo brain, please let me know, we need to talk. 

Well I'm starting to notice my belly getting in the way of things, I notice Allie moving a whole lot more and can't wait to see what happens next. I think things have calmed down, I haven't noticed any contractions or any weird symptoms, so just praying it stays that way. 

So far these thoughts have passed through my head this week:

  • How is it that I only have 13 weeks left?
  • Will this pregnancy brain continue to get worse?
  • I feel like I could sleep forever, yet when I get to bed I toss from side to side, really just wanting to sleep on my back. 
  • A Harry Potter Weekend never sounded so good. 
  • I will be going to Harry Potter world at Universal studios opening weekend. Matt you better be ready. #April9
  • I only have 7 weeks left of my BSN program! Hurry up May 1st, I'm ready to be DONE! 
  • I hope I never have to work 3 days in a row again, pregnant. 
  • I'm really looking forward to my baby shower this coming weekend! Yes, to all my wonderful people, but to eat Texas BBQ and crawfish. #squeeee #imactuallynotmissingcrawfishseasonthisyear 
  • My ankles are back to swelling and have convinced my feet to swell too. #peerpressure
Cravings: Pickle chips (like actual potato chips, that are pickle flavored), mustard again, and barbecue. CHICKEN AND WAFFLES. not just any Chicken and waffles, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. My goodness, pregnant or not you need this place. 

Aversions: Salmon and anything that smells like fish.

Until next week!!

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