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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Year 28 and Yes, I did chop off my hair.

I looked over my birthday pictures in the years past, I've changed so much. In so many good ways. My perspectives on life have changed for the better and I have never been so happy in my life.

I've learned that life really is what you make it. Somedays you really have to create your own sunshine and that's ok. Growing older isn't something to feared, it's something to be embraced.

So many people, including myself, have said "oh i'm not celebrating my next birthday, ugh another year older". I realize I'm two years away from thirty. I have accomplished way more in my twenties than I ever had hoped for. I am educated and accomplishing everything I had set out to do.

If you ask me, what could be better than that?

I appreciate my crazy family more than I ever have, and hold a set group of friends near and dear to my heart. I may not have all the friends I had years and years ago, but that's ok. All the people that I still talk to today, are people that never left my side. Those are the people that matter. So a special thank you is in order for my people, you are appreciated each and every day.

There is no doubt that California has been a struggle for me this year, but i'm learning to like this place a little more everyday. I find things here that I can't find anywhere else. It's been a learning curve, but I'm praying that one day it will feel more comfortable.

Last but not least. My Love, thank you for putting up with my crazy over the years. I love you more than words can say, and I know this year will be one of the best years yet!

I hope when I look back on this blog day that I will feel a sense of peace and love for years to come. I have so much to be thankful for and I realize that everyday.

Here's to an amazing year with some amazing people!

Ps. Yes, I chopped my hair off! It was crazy, but I needed a change!

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