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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Professional sleeper status: Weeks 9 and 10 Update!


Week 9 is under way and our little peapod is actually the size of a pecan! So freaking excited!

Y'all. I went to my ultrasound this week, and it was amazing. I never even knew I could love something so much. I was definitely a little nervous, because I really hate going to the woman doctor, guess I better get over that one quick! Matt was with me, which made me feel better.

So on to the ultrasound.. I was really still convinced, there is no way there is a baby in there... and sure enough, I saw our little peapod right on the screen. He/she was just wiggling around and I saw the heart flicker about what seemed a million times a minute. I just couldn't believe it.

I only shed one tear in the doctor's office, which was equally surprising. Don't worry once I got in the car I balled like a baby (pun intended). All the emotions just washed over me. I can't believe I get to be a mama. I stared at this picture for a long while. How perfect, my precious little blessing. 

I promptly celebrated with a ChikFila Ice cream cone, a salad, and lemonade! 

Don't worry this ultrasound picture was promptly framed when I got home, until I can get my hands on a baby book!

Here is the obligatory bump picture! You'll appreciate the different attire this week, HELLO jean shirt! Still rocking these leggings. My goodness they are so comfortable. I still fit in all my clothes, which I am so thankful for, but these leggings are really where it's at. I got these at Express, yes, a tad bit pricey BUT you can't see my butt if my long shirt comes up, it's really like they are black pants. Anyways. Get some they are amazing. 

I couldn't tell if I was really starting to show a little teeny bit in this picture OR if it was because of my lunch... Probably just my lunch. Hurry up baby bump!

Cravings: I am still loving all my cold cereals and foods. This week though I had a huge craving for grits. So I went to the store and bought some and I have to say I was a little sad at my selection. I just have to remember I am not in Charleston anymore :(. However, I am eating a whole lot more, and I'm excited for that. I am still really craving salty everything. This week I ate a legit Ramen place, I WAS IN HEAVEN. I plan to eat at that place again this week!

Aversions: Still tomatoes. Artichokes. Strong smelling foods like indian curry. I opened up some curry powder I have on hand, and it was not pretty.

Activity:  This week I've noticed that I could be doing barely anything at all and a wave of tired washes over me. It's the weirdest thing. I feel like I could be sleeping for 2-3 hours at a time.

Random Prego notes: 

  • Just when you think your boobs can't get any bigger, they do. 
  • Your bladder is always full, even if you just went to the bathroom. 
  • This cold (70 degree) weather LA is experiencing is Heaven. HEAVEN I TELL YOU.
  • My mother in love just got me a Snoogle. It's a pregnancy pillow. OMG. It's pretty amazing. 
  • I am a team trainer for a Pop Warner football league in Redondo Beach, my Smell factor is off the charts ridiculous, the smell those adolescent boys emit is extremely uncomfortable. UGH. 
  • Matt and I call our baby a "peapod" because of a Key and Peele Skit. I think it's hilarious every time I think about it. So the name stuck.

Week 10 is here!!!! Our baby is the size of a Kumquat! My sassy little kumquat that dances on my bladder!

As of Week 10 approached it came on my 28th birthday. What a wonderful birthday present to be in the double digits!

Cravings: I'm loving Mushrooms this week. So strange. We went to the melting pot and I ate all the mushrooms in the fondue. Since I'm not eating meat as much I really love the "meat-iness" that the mushrooms give. POTATOES. Mashed potatoes are where it's at this week. Also, I love the real fruit popsicles. They are so wonderful and if I'm feeling sick or yucky, I eat one of those and my world is ok again.

Aversions: Meat in any form or fashion, with Thanksgiving around the corner this really worries me. Tomatoes. Spaghetti sauce.

Body Changes: My mid section is a little thicker this week, and i'm thankful that's all thats thicker. Still wearing all my own clothes!  Let me tell you something that many pregnant women won't: YOU WILL HAVE GAS AND ALOT OF IT. My goodness.

Activity: Professional sleeper and trying to stay awake long enough to do my online BSN classes. Rough. With it getting dark at 4:45pm on the west coast, I really think the universe is telling me to stay in bed.

****All day sickness went away this week. Praise Jesus!****

I'm counting down the days until I can see/hear our sweet little peapod again. December 2, you can't come soon enough!!

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