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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Orange juice, we're no longer friends: week 4-6 update!

I will be one of those annoying bloggers that blogs about pregnancy! I want to remember all the fun cool stuff, remind my husband the loveliness that comes with pregnancy (incase he ever wants to get me pregnant again), and I do want my kiddos to look back on this and know how much we loved them from before they were born.

Update for Weeks 4-6!
Crazy dreams! I've been having dreams about cats, without heads. It's the weirdest thing. I can't tell you how real they feel sometimes. I also have dreams about water, but maybe that's because I have to pee all the time.

Peeing all the time. NONSTOP.

Oh you have to pee now too? Welcome to my life. 

Morning ALL DAY sickness!!!! My goodness. It's like a hangover every morning without the epic night before. I will tell you that I love pickles right now. They actually have been helping with the All day sickness a lot. Of course, I got a prescription for Zofran from my doctor, but keep in mind Zofran can give you really bad headaches and constipate you like nothing else. I only take it if I really can't find relief.

Holy Nipples Batman. So not only have my boobs gotten much larger, they hurt and my nipples change colors EVERYDAY. They get one shade darker. I already have olive skin... how much darker could they possibly get?! (This is TMI, but I feel like you can look in any medical/nursing book and they will tell you the same thing.. so there)

Emotional roller coaster. My goodness, the day before I found I was pregnant, I cried at least 7 times that day. I will be happy one minute and the next be so emotional over commercials. COMMERCIALS about anything.

Then the next minute.... 

After that... 

Y'all it's a conundrum. 

I never believed that I would get an aversion. At all. But I do have one.... it's raw red bell peppers. I think they taste like pennies. This is the weirdest thing.


Couch. This I know is horrible, because I need to be more active. Pregnant ladies need at least 30 minutes of activity a day. I'm hoping I can kick this sickness so I can be more active.

Chugging water. I will count this as an activity because it's pretty much all I do.

Baby Coates The First: I love you and I love every second of this, no matter how sore my nipples get.

Ahhhhhh! I still can't believe I get to be a Mama!

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  1. Ashley, you are so funny. You can also try ginger pills for the nausea. I have actually had a patient who had hyperemesis. We were throwing every medication in the book at her. The doctor asked her family to bring in ginger pills and they worked like a charm! Ginger ale doesn't have enough ginger to really be effective. Also, remember to not drink large quantities with your meals. That combo will usually send someone over the edge!


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