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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pregnancy is turning me into a sasquatch: week 7 and 8!

Hello Everyone!

This week is the week that I really felt pregnant. UHHHH the all day sickness really hit me this week. I mean there has been one day that I literally could not get away from throwing up. 
Let's just say I won't be drinking orange juice for a while. 

Aversions: Tomato sauce. OMG. I will tell you, we ate italian food one night and I ate two bites of Ravioli. That 's all I ate of that. Orange juice. Protein. This has been a difficult one. The thought of eating chicken, fish, or beef absolutely makes me sick. I'm hoping to get more of an appetite. 

Cravings: JELLO, pudding, String cheese, and really anything super cold. 

Activity:  Being lame and sleeping a lot. Like I slept for 14 hours one night. I have never in my life slept that much. I guess growing a human is hard work! The cats don't seem to mind all the down time and snuggles. 

Future goals for my children. 

I am excited for our very first baby appointment which is during Week 8!!!


I am writing to you from Week 8! I had my first doctor's appointment! 

 I had a crazy dream the night before my appointment, that I had gone to the doctor and they told me no I wasn't pregnant and I made it up. 

Well I'm definitely pregnant! Exciting! and very relieved that I am not having all day sickness for no reason! The all day sickness is starting to let up just a bit and thank goodness I want to eat a little bit more. 

Aversions: I still can't eat Tomato anything. Just thinking about it makes my stomach do flip flops.I tried to eat a steak taco this past week and couldn't stomach the beef.  I have a love for tacos, so this was a tough pill to swallow. I still don't like orange juice

Cravings: I'm loving Jello, pudding, string cheese, dill pickles (typical prego craving, I know), popsicles, and anything salty. I crave salt. Chikfila fries are up on the list of things that I love to eat and popcorn. I am really into eating small meals right now, even if they are really just snacks all day long. I ate Olive Garden's unlimited soup, breadsticks and salad. I WAS IN HEAVEN. 

Body changes:  No real body changes this week. I do notice that the hair on my legs grows quick. I mean QUICK, like I shave at night and the next morning there is a noticeable stubble. ** Thanks Baby Coates!** Matt,  I might just be a hairy Sasquatch the rest of the pregnancy, you're welcome. 

Activity: I have been more active this week, I'm able to clean the house, which has not been easy the past couple of weeks, washing dishes makes me gag. I'm hoping to get back to doing more in the weeks to come. 

Random Thoughts: 

I am already excited for next week's doctor appointment! We will get an ultrasound and figure out just how far along I am. I still think I have a good idea, but who knows! I cannot wait to hear that little heartbeat. I've longed to hear that sweet little sound, and for Matt to know that there is actually a baby in there. Here's to a lot of prayers and patience that this pregnancy and our baby is blessed with good health throughout. 

OH and We received a lovely, little gift in the mail from Auntie Michelle! She is such a sweet, sweet friend. Love you!!

Wonderfully made indeed. 

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