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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday night ramblings.

So in case you were wondering, I am still here. In a food coma, but i'm here.

#1: Thanksgiving was amazing. We stayed here in Charleston, so it was just us and the cats, LOW STRESS. Traveling over the holidays is stressful, so if you don't have to, don't.  We made this food all by ourselves. I was just impressed the turkey was so moist. BRINE, people, just Brine. It was an extra step but totally worth it. All in all, the food and company was great, we ate 3PM. This never happens, I come from a family that only eats dinner at 8-9pm. Doing this allowed for us to proceed to Black Thursday at an earlier time and join the madness.

#2:  This. 

#3:  I am a Black Thursday go-er. My husband has always been and I am following suit. I went to Target first, didn't buy a thing, the only reason I even went in there to see what random thing they had. Next, I went to Ulta, bought a few things, there wasn't anything spectacular, other than the Big Sexy hair root pump for $5.99, normally $15, I felt like I won. Kohl's. Kohl's was a freaking mad house. Yes, I stood in line at Kohl's for an hour to check out. I am completely guilty of this. For shame!

Judge me. I already know you are!

This store was the only store that I waited that long, if I didn't nearly have all my christmas presents bought at this store I wouldn't have waited. 

How freaking cute is this? $10. How could I not? 

#4:  We were a little bit delirious after Black Friday shopping. 

#5: Super productive saturday! All the presents are wrapped and we finally put up the tree. People, this never happens. It was weird that we are this together, when the hell did we grow up? The cats are super pumped about the tree. I'll let you know when all the bottom ornaments are chewed and digested. 

#6: So we didn't eat dinner tonight, just the edamame below because we've been eating Thanksgiving every meal since Thursday and really needed to tone it down. It was shameful. I've eaten pumpkin pie with ever meal. I justify this to myself because I only eat pumpkin pie one time per year. We don't eat normal thanksgiving foods for Christmas dinner, because we're weird. I threw out half of our food today. It's really time to get back on track. 

#7: There have been lots of naps, between us and the cats we are in the hibernating season. 

#8: AHHHHH! It's so real. 17 days left. I have one test left. ONE. I can't even believe time is going by so quick. 

#9: The hunt for a place to live in Los Angeles has commenced. I am getting really excited. However, I'm not excited for how much it is to rent there and not live in the hood. We are headed out there a little after the new year, to see what it's all about. I do have a Los Angeles bucket list already started. 

So far: 

  • Be a part of a live audience in Tosh.0 or Dancing with the Stars

  • Be an extra in something. I was almost an extra in Army Wives here in Charleston, but they kept delaying because of rain, and I had school, so that went down the toilet, but I'm shooting for something in LA. 

  • Go to a walk with the stars and take lots of pictures. 

  • Visit all the wineries I can. I've become quite the wine connoisseur these days, being able to afford something other than boxed wine and Boone's Farm. I'm gonna call that progress. 
  • Visit Google, I know it's in San Fran, but I do have an IN there, Matt's best friend works there. 
#10: Woah, we got to 10, it's been awhile. This video has been circulating forever. But every time I see it, I fall in love with it that much more. It's just so accurate. 

Alright y'all. I'll try to not make it another 3 weeks before I make here again. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Only 26 days until Christmas. 

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