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Monday, November 3, 2014

8 days, no coffee.

Yes, you read that right. 

Don't worry, I'm just as surprised as you are. I've been inhaling Spark like it's my job. This waking up at 5am for clinical is killing me. 

This also means i've hung on to the 24 day challenge for at least 8 days (omfg only 16 more days to go). I'm still in the cleanse phase, and i'd like to say it's getting easier... when it's not the weekend. The weekend steals my will and makes me want to drink a bottle of red wine. No exaggerations. Did I mention no booze on the challenge?? Not like I drink too often to begin with, but when someone tells me I can't have something, it's all I think about.  

I have to say the hardest thing about this challenge has been finding new ideas for clean eating. I already know what you're thinking, "What, you don't have a pinterest?!" 

Well of course I do. BUT i'm 86% lazy for most of those clean eating recipes, if it doesn't require my George foreman. I need to get over being so lazy, and try new things. I do however plan all the meals we have at the beginning of the week. They just might all revolve around a protein in the george foreman and a random veggie in the oven. 

I think for the most part I've gotten over the fiber drink, as long as i've chugged it. Oh and one more thing, this cleanse portion really gets your tummy rumbling. My goodness. You will go to the bathroom more than you normally do, that's because the herbal cleanse pill has senna in it. 

Senna= bowels on the move. If you have digestive issues, the cleanse actually could help in that department. 

That's all I have to say about that. 

I have to say that I am sleeping a whole lot better. Like good quality sleep. I usually will wake up sleepy, but energized. After I stood on my feet for 8 hours at clinical today, I went on a three mile run when I got home. 

This thought would not have even crossed my mind in the slightest last week. I'm not saying my body is responding positively just because of Advocare's products, but I like that i'm sticking to the regimen of eating clean and training my body to eat at the appropriate times. It's crazy how your body reacts to what you feed it. 

I really thought not drinking coffee would be the end of my survival in life, and guess what? It's not. 

Will I stop drinking coffee altogether when this is over? HELL NO, I love the taste way too much, but I will share my caffeine intake with Spark from here on out. 

My hopes for this challenge are still pretty big. I really hope that I can make clean eating a really great habit for Matt and I. It's a practice that I think everyone should try at least once, even without the Advocare products. 

Here's to another week with no coffee! 

Stay fabulous, my friends! 

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