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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why in the world did I even start this?

My husband asked me this question and the following:  Why did you start this blog?! What is the deal with EVERYONE having a blog these days?

I started this blog because I wanted to be able to spread positivity. Whether it's encouraging someone to get out of their comfort zone, sharing my experiences of everyday life/struggles, or just plain letting someone know there is another crazy person out here and you aren't alone!

I read some blogs that have been really inspiring to me and they really made an impression on me. So I will definitely share some with you. My first blog I really got into was the Hungry Runner girl. This blogger's name is Janae and she runs everywhere! She really inspired me to start running again and try new fitness ideas. Every time I read her blog, I can just feel her positivity through her words. She has tons of things going on in her life, yet she always finds the positive. I love this. If you are a runner or want to be, let Janae inspire you to tie up your shoes and get out there.

Another blog I read is Simply Taralynn. This blogger's name is Taralynn and she is constantly moving and doing. I read her blog because she is very transparent, just read her 'about me' section. She is one of the bravest bloggers I read. She lets me know that not everyone's life is perfect, but rolling with the waves can be done with grace. She inspires me to be real. She also has tons of breakfast recipes that I use every week. If you need a good recipe, go to Taralynn's website.

Mama Laughlin is another blog that has been very inspiring. Brandi is the blogger for this site. She is amazing. Her story is so humbling and if you need someone to put a fire under your bum to workout, it's this girl. I've read her blog for a couple years now and really motivated me that you can literally do anything you want, no matter what size you are. She has broken down so many barriers in my mind when it comes to fitness and I really look up to her. She is another one of those bloggers that is very transparent and you can tell she really means everything she says. She lets me know that it's ok to struggle, but you need to be the one to pick yourself up again. I also love her fellow Texan personality.

These are just a few of the many, many blogs that I read everyday. Look at some of the other blogs I read, in my Blogs to LOVE section!!!

Long story short. My hope is to inspire someone the way these ladies have inspired me. I love to spread positivity. I think it's important in this world to let people know, nobody is perfect. I blog so other people will know there is someone out there like you, that has the same trials and tribulations, and the same struggles of everyday life.

I'm still learning so much about this blogging lifestyle and hope to get better at it everyday.

Thanks for reading today. :)


Do you have a special blog that you read?

Are there any blogs that really inspire you?!

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