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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Krispy Kreme mantra for thought

I feel as though today we are constantly plagued with good and bad. Everywhere we turn there's a commercial or something in the news telling you, oh gluten is bad for you or Splenda is going to give you cancer. 

So my question to you is:  Where in the hell do we draw the line?

I ran across this on Pinterest, and it really made me think, is everything we do good or bad?

Plenty of times I've given up on becoming healthy or just flat out started not to care because of all the good and bad things out there. Too much of anything is bad, even working out. Balance is a very hard thing to find, I even find myself struggling today. I find that I'm constantly throwing myself so far into school that my fitness life suffers, or if I start working out too hard that my knees don't feel like working the next day when I need to go to clinical. 


It's a little harder concept to grasp these days. Things that have helped me over the past few weeks is to plan out my days. Now there are days were my plans go to to shit. It happens.  However, planning has really helped in getting my study time in, as well as my gym plans, not to mention work, and finding time to spend with my hubs/cats. Sounds like a three ring circus just writing all of that. I'm completely vested in my iPhone calendar and planner. Without these things, I don't know how I'd get it all done. Don't worry people, even with all these things, I still don't feel like I have it all together. 


Planning what to eat has been the hardest. Used to be, If I was too tired to cook it was, "to Chili's it is". Now I know that eating Chili's on occasion is ok, but eating Chili's every week, was not. Finding balance in making time to prep food, i'm still trying to find the best way. Any suggestions..? With that being said, I'm definitely going to go plan out what we are eating for the rest of the week, yes its a little late in the week... but better late than never. 

Yes, this mantra is extreme and silly, but it really makes you think. 


How do you find balance in your life? 

What is most important to you?

Do you feel that making a plan for the week helps your life have more balance? 

Do you feel that planners are stupid and pointless? 
--Prior to my late twenties, I did! 


Talk to me!