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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

27 goals before turning 27

Happy July! We are officially on the downhill slope of this year.

At the beginning of turning 26 I made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish before turning 27, which will be in November... Some of these will be completed after my 27, but I wanted something to work towards. I started this list because as I get older I want to keep improving my life. It doesn't always have to be in the biggest ways, but some of the smaller goals help to prove that I'm still striving for something. 

Here is the what i've done so far and where I need to go. 

  1. Graduate Nursing school --> hopefully December 16, this is my pinning ceremony. 
  2. Do 1000 miles of cardio ---> I've really only completed 150 miles in running... I'm not counting my elliptical days, maybe I should.. It still counts as cardio right?!
  3. Celebrate 3 minor/unusual holidays :     -January 19th is National popcorn day  -July 17th is national Ice cream day, - August 10th is national smores day.  Popcorn day has been celebrated, victoriously. 
  4. Wear red lipstick  DONE, duh. 
  5. Eat at home for one month ---> Still working on this one.. its so hard when you're in school. I need to plan better. 
  6. Clean Cat box everyday for a month ---> This has been a big fail so far... I usually clean every other day though.. I promise my house doesn't smell like a cat box!
  7. No alcohol during each semester --->  This has been a huge fail. School, need I say more?  
  8. Get a B in one nursing class DONE
  9. Get Braces off --> I'm hoping those babies will be taken off in December before pinning!  
  10. Do an advocate cleanse for the full 10 days. (3/1/14) DONE!
  11. Do weight training for 2 weeks straight DONE!
  12. Be able to run a 10.5 minute mile ----> Still working on this... fastest I've gotten is 11.5 minute. 
  13. Buy something decorative for the house, once every quarter. ----> So far i've done well in this department. 
  14. Go Crabbing ----> I've still yet to do this.. I'm waiting on some of my south Carolina friends to take me. South Carolina people really know how to do this. 
  15. Go to SC aquarium 1/19/2014  DONE!
  16. Make 5 new recipes, that you wouldn’t normally eat. - Chimchurri sauce (1/2/14) -chilequilas(1/11/14)  - white bean and fennel soup (1/15/14)   -Artichoke and quinoa (3/14/14) Cauliflower mash (3/14/14) DONE!  This was actually a harder feat than I thought.. I feel that sometimes I only eat what i've always eaten, rarely breaking out of my comfort zone. I now am a huge fan of cauliflower mash!
  17. Donate to the Goodwill  DONE! Oh the good feels I get donating to others. I plan to do another big haul before the year is over. We have to get rid of some more stuff before moving next year! 
  18. Take more pictures DONE! Starting this blog has got me taking tons of pictures. I love pictures and now I have tons. Thanks blog, I knew I wouldn't regret starting you! 
  19. Go to the SNA Convention April 9-14 DONE! I REALLY gained a lot by going. I got to see the beautiful Tennessee! 
  20. Read 5 novels:  The mockingjay, The Book Thief, I'm currently reading A Casual Vacancy by JK rowling, I'm still trying to figure out my other novels during my break! 
  21. Try 10 NEW restaurants... I'm only at 9 but I'm sure by the end of the year.. this will be much, much more. I live in Charleston for heavens sake. 
  • Rio De Brazil  (1/10/14)
  • Angel Oak (1/15/14)
  • Stars on the Rooftop (1/17/14)
  • Basil (2/21/14)
  • Grouchos (1/20/14)
  • Closed for Business (3/15/14)
  • Fleet Landing (4/5/14)
  • Claim Jumper (4/11/14) in Tennessee. 
  • Snapper Jack's (6/1/14)
22.Complete a squat month Challenge ----> This has been the biggest fail. I always forget. I will complete this, starting today being July 1st. 

23.Do one Pinterest craft every quarter for the house. --> FAIL. Nursing school doesn't allow me to have time for fun. 
24.Do at least 3 volunteer events --> I will do Nursing Student Orientation (7/16/14)
25.Watch a baby born to this world.(3/26/14) DONE! One of the most rewarding things I've ever witnessed. 
26.Start an IV on an actual person  ---> Still waiting on this one.  
27. apply for bsn at several colleges ---> Absolutely will start in the fall. I want to get this one out of the way more than anything. 

I'm really hoping to complete at least over half of these items by the end of the year. I love having something to look forward to. I shared this list with you because I want to stay accountable. Maybe now that my list is on the interwebs, I will do better. 

I'm using bold today, because I feel bold!

Ps.  I saw this on another blog and it really inspired me to do the same. I hope I can inspire you do be better too. 

Do you have a list?!

If so, What is on your list?! I'm always looking for new ideas to add. 

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