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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Well Hello August!

Right now, I'm in bed re-watching Gossip girl and listening to this glorious thunderstorm right outside my window. Y'all there is literally a light show right outside my window, this will be one thing I'll miss about living so close to the coast. Not that we are going anywhere for the next 6 months or so.

Let's recap all the happenings lately. I've been awful at this whole blogging thing. I will find my groove..

Hanging out with Matt and the cats.. you know the usual.

Now that my class is over... I've been indulging. That is carrot cake, my friends. SO DELICIOUS! 

Put you eyes back in your head... I didn't eat the whole thing. You bet yourself I wanted to though. 

I've really been enjoying dating my husband again. After the deployment, we have been doing date nights and it's been amazing, I forgot how much I missed this. We recently went to this neat raw bar called Coast. Oh my goodness, it was heaven. They have the best mojitos in Charleston. Check it out. 

Don't worry I'm still up to doing nursing things. Me and my ride or die chick, Ashleigh are taking 50 pizzas to all the New student nurse's orientation. Yes, it's confirmed 50 pizzas will fit in my Wanda the Honda. 

Matt took me to this place called Swig and Swine. I don't necessarily like SC BBQ, but this is really great. Check it out they have tons of good things. My favorite was the sausage and pimento cheese. We are on a pimento cheese kick right now and trying out new beers. 

Oh yes.. So we have been watching this new cat for someone who is on a deployment right now. Meet Leia. She has been trying to fit in with the cats, operative word: TRYING. It's pretty rough right now.. Any ideas for introducing new kitties?!

Oh yes. So I went to Texas, for a bachelorette party! Miss Tirah's bachelorette party went off without a hitch. I drank a lot of wine this weekend. 

Right across from this house, was a beautiful lutheran church. I can't even tell you how wonderful it was sitting on the front porch in Fredericksburg, TX and looking at this. It's the oldest church in Fredericksburg!

Tons of winery hopping.. Won't go into too many details but my goodness I was in wine heaven. 

A trip to Texas wouldn't be incomplete without Chicken Express corn nuggets. Y'all don't know what you're missing. 

So after being in the plane for 5 hours coming home from Texas. My husband surprised me with this at the airport. A 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman. This is my early graduation present! I couldn't believe he got this for me.  Y'all I have a keeper.  Incase you were wondering, my hubs is taking care of Wanda the Honda these days. She was an awesome car. 

I had a lot of catching up to do. Hope your week is going awesomely!

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