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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Week 13: A Diary of hormones.

 Well. Turns out this pregnancy has already been hormonal. I really feel for everyone that I work with that has to ride this roller coaster with me. 

I started out this week crying for 2 hours after getting my air filter changed. It was just your typical Wednesday and I was just a mess. 

Could it be the fact that my oldest child just started Kinder? Yes. 

Could it be because I'm exhausted from my day job? Also, A resounding Yes. Also, if you're wondering if my face always looks like this at work, it does and so does my hair. 

Could it be because I was having a low blood sugar moment and have cut back my caffeine consumption by a landslide. Yes. I probably laughed for 10 minutes after finding this, so I figured it had a place on this page. 

I also ready for it to be Fall like any good basic white girl. I'm ready for the leaves to change, and to wear my cardigans again, is that so much to ask? If you don't like Fall then get the hell out. I guess i'm also a bit ragey these days as well. 

Obligatory Week 13 bump pic 

Does anyone feel like after their second child that they show MUCH SOONER? I mean I guess my uterus knows the deal by now. 

We had our first MFM doctor appointment, these are some of my favorite visits. We get to see such clear pictures of this little bebe. This truly made my week. It makes all the other issues out there seem so small in comparison. It's amazing how little babes can change your perspective. I'll tell you the distraction is so needed right now. 

As far as we know all the arms and legs are there, just waiting on our genetic results! Praying for a healthy baby. 

Food aversions: MEAT. I don't want any meats. The thought of chicken/beef makes me gag right now. 

Cravings: SUSHI. RICE. PICKLES! Every week we get fresh sushi delivered at work, of course I only eat the cooked versions, but my goodness if I don't spend $25 on lunch almost every time. Oh well. It's well worth the investment and small victories for a lunch well enjoyed! 

I have much more energy with this pregnancy. I still enjoy going on walks and riding the peloton! My bladder struggles with running. I've tried a few different times, and each time has gotten better, but going to work I get quite the workout in at least 3 days a week, so I'm ok with taking a few days to rest here and there. 

All the wives tales. 

I have no idea what i'm having but here are some baby stats. which are all over the place. 

  • Heart rate is 142. (Girl)
  • Craving all the salty things. (Boy)
  • Favor laying on my right side. (Girl)
  • I have gained more weight this pregnancy already than my last two. oh well i'm old. lol 
  • No heart burn. yet. all my babies have been so hairy, i'm sure this is coming. (boy)
  • Emotions: moody and unpredictable. (Girl)
  • Chinese calendar says Girl. 

We should know our gender next week with our DNA results. My fabulous friend, Catherine, is making my gender cake so she's the keeper of all the secrets right now!  

Until next week friends!! 

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