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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Week 39: Massages, pedicures, full moon... Still preggo.

I've started pulling all the tricks out of the bag because this baby is now full term. Feeling large and in charge this week.

So I started this week with a pedicure, massage and I'm still pregnant. 
I'm eating eggplant, spicy thai food, my trusty yoga ball is in the living room. 

At this last appointment, I didn't want my cervix checked. If I knew my cervix was clamped shut, all my hopes of this baby exiting soon would be dashed. 

This is Baby Coates the Second, probably. 

I have made it a point to be more active than normal without overdoing of course. I even thought last night's full moon would have more done something with breaking my water. This is the closest i'll ever live to the ocean and the tides have failed me. 

Alas, the tides and barometric pressure did nothing. 

I am having contractions off and on, but I really believe they aren't doing a thing. I went to the perinatologist this last week and he said baby boy was 7lbs 1oz. We grew a little! I'll take it! 

Cravings: I'm literally eating everything. Accurate depiction of the last week: 

Aversion: NOPE. too busy eating. 

Here's to hoping and praying this baby comes quickly and well as safely. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and i'm hoping it's the last one!! 

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