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Monday, August 13, 2018

Week 37: Nesting has begun.

My two year old is obsessed with my husband's car. Every evening she wants to go hang out in the car. Thanks Los Angeles for all the time she spends in the car during your fabulous traffic hours.

Just look at those skills. Watch out future 16 year old Allie. 

After wrapping things up with work, I have been nesting full go.

Bought all my last minute things. Including the breast pump route. Y'all there are way too many options. Thank goodness insurance likes to cover a little cost. I decided to go against the willow.

The Willow was too expensive and after reading a bunch of reviews, it was super handy to have, but didn't have the power. So I looked into the Spectra pumps. My insurance covered the S2 and S9+, two pumps for the price of one. I had to pay a little bit extra, but you cannot beat the Spectra pumps. They are hospital grade.

They also are compatible with the Fremie collection cups. If your eyes are glazing over, you're clearly not a mom yet or your nipples are useless (men). For those moms to be, check out all of this stuff. I've done quite a bit of research and this stuff holds up.

We also couldn't stand the thought of buying a whole other infant car seat, so we're using Allie's infant seat. It's still within the window of being usable and Chicco is so amazing that we bought a replacement cover for the seat to be more gender neutral. You can find all the replacement parts on the website! It's the perfect way to go. I'm sure this baby will only be in this seat for 6-9 months before being too big and needing to upgrade.

Also, my new child will be sleeping in a pack n' play for the first 6 months or so of his life. So we have one that Allie used, (are you starting to see how amazing it is having baby #2), you already have everything! Well this pack n play desperately needs to be washed. I didn't really think this thing needed washing, but I was wrong. You can go here and find out how you can really deep clean it! I guess I'll give my second child a chance, just in case he's allergic to cat/dog hair.

The hospital bag is for the most part packed and ready to go.

Moms: what did you love putting in your bag?

I am not taking all the sh*t I did last time. I mean you would have thought we were moving in, with all the stuff I brought. I'm literally fitting all my stuff in a backpack and taking an extra pillow. The things you learn from being a first time mom.

I will be bringing all the snacks.
- a change of clothes or two.
-long iPhone charging cord
-baby clothes, just really a couple onesies and a swaddle. They do provide blankets.
-make sure the car seat is in the car.

And that's it. I'm pretty sure I brought a makeup bag and a straightener last time. HAHAHAHA I can tell you how many times I opened that bag and used that straightener! ZERO.

On another note, my doctor said she didn't think I would make it all the way to the end of August (due date is the 28th). I swear they tell you those things to make you feel like you can do the last month of your pregnancy. My doctor told me that last pregnancy too. Allie came at 40 weeks, 1 day. Just to spite me.

This week is hot. If you're preggo its always twice as hot, guess who doesn't care about it being hot outside and still wanting to play?


She is still in denial about having a sibling. She refuses to read her book about being a big sister. I'm hoping this defiance stage stops before baby gets here, but I don't think it will. Until then we will do all the park days and spending extra time loving on her.

Y'all. I need a new show.

Last time we were in the hospital having Allie, we pretty much binged all of Frasier (Yes, were extremely basic white people) for the 43957489 time.

We desperately need something that is easy to get into and not hard to follow, because we will be sleep deprived (most likely).

On to the obligatory bump pic: Week 37:

It's really turning into a shelf. I put all kinds of things on it.

Cravings: Chocolate. Which is weird because I haven't wanted anything like this, this whole pregnancy. Cold Cereal. Probably because it's a million degrees outside. 

Aversions: Nothing. I'm eating all the foods. 

Weird symptoms this week: lightening pains in the down under region. This baby is slowly dropping.

Until next week! 

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