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Friday, September 15, 2017

Just a Basic white girl and YMCA times.

It's hard to even think what I used to blog about before having a baby. I know I watched ALOT of TV. Well I still do that. So we're not too far off. 

I've been watching Pretty Little Liars. I can't even believe I just admitted that to the world. 
This show is about High schoolers with way too much time on their hands. 

I just started season 1, and SERIOUSLY WHO THE HELL IS A ALREADY?! This B has some serious time on her hands. And Aria better watch herself with that teacher boyfriend. 

The cats are still in the picture, more ungrateful these days. I guess they're still a little bitter, someone came in and stole their thunder.

I didn't mention to everyone that I work day shift now! I spend so much more time with this munchkin. Night shift was making me insane, I used to sleep so much and eat just as much. It was shameful. I miss my night shift folks so much, they think i've abandoned them. Well it wasn't you it was meeeeeeeee! Love you, Mean it. 

I'm so ready for Fall. Like any good basic white girl, I'm ready for the cardigans, PSL's, trendy fall shows and Target. 

Not like Target isn't already being visited weekly. Glad we got that cleared up. 

I mean this baby knows exactly what looks amazing. She knows exactly the amount of time that will be spent in the dollar section as well as the clothing section, especially since they just put out all the mustard yellow cardigans. We both fell in love with this hat. I couldn't help myself. 

Now if we could just live in a climate where we needed this always! Yes, my child is chewing on a squishy toy from the toy section that hasn't been sanitized. If you ask me, thats better than the cat food she was gnawing on earlier today. 

Spoilers: i'm not a crunchy, earthy mom. 

This was also .02 seconds before a meltdown occurred. 

Other than weekly Target excursions, I've started working out again. Like actually making an effort. I swear i've fallen off the wagon about 7983275896 times. 

Yes, I've joined the YMCA. It's no Gold's gym by any means but they have child care. I've mostly been frequenting the morning classes. So all the geri's (geriatrics) are there. It's amazing. 

Seriously though, I'm loving it. There's a pool and all kinds of activities to join. I refuse to become one of those nurses that doesn't practice what she preaches. 

Until I venture into other things, I guess i'll be kicking it with the oldies! 

Mamas coming back into the fitness world after taking some serious time off is hard. I did abs the other day and thought my intestines would start errupting. Not only that, Running is a joke. My legs just don't want to move anymore. I'm constantly on the move chasing around an irrational 15 month old, moving my legs any other time just seems wrong. 

Y'all this is an extremely accurate depiction. 

Mamas, don't worry if you can't get your body moving exactly like before. Remember, you really aren't like you were before. Not saying to stop trying altogether, just give yourself a break and keep going. Sometimes, the voice in my head gets to me, but the important thing is to keep going, no matter how much flab you have in all the places that wasn't there before. We all have the power to change it. 

Oh the guilt of motherhood! Well here's to me sitting on the couch tonight, reveling in the silence, cats and another episode of Pretty Little Liars!  

Thanks for listening to my rambles! 

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